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Paranoiduser1970 (aka ocean), I have seen several women on this site who have a "double bubble" or skin folding as a result of the type of surgery that Dr Khouri performs. Brigit has some visible skin folding under each breast. What I... READ COMMENT

Brigit, thank you for posting. Your breasts look better compared to when they were implanted. Have you asked Dr Khouri about the skin folds that have developed under each breast? Is he going to correct this for you? Having looked at... READ COMMENT

Free n Fab, so sorry to hear about the loss of your baby. I am also very distressed to hear about your experience so far with Dr Khouri. You were so positive in the beginning and now you are so distraught. I do think Dr Khouri has... READ COMMENT

I think implants are a mistake too especially now that fat transfer is available. Even if you don't experience problems with the implants you still lose your peace of mind. You find yourself worrying about whether they have ruptured,... READ COMMENT

I agree. If the laser is hot enough to melt the fat then it will also kill the fat. Surely if the fat has become liquefied it means the cell membranes of the fat cells have burst therefore the cells are no longer viable. Regarding... READ COMMENT