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3 days post op! Already loving my results !!

I hope to find MY doctor soon. I've been searching and searching but nothing yet. I need help beyond words. I'm only 25 yet I have these ugly droopy breast. Every year that goes by I feel myself getting more depressed. My photos are proof.. I just want these beautiful breast on me . It keeps bothering me the more I go with out following through, I'm just so scared to not to the right thing , ... READ MORE

Questions from Ocbabe89

What type of incision is best for my body for a breast lift, nice cleavage and side boob? (photo)

Aside from wanting bigger boobs, I want a whole new set. What would you suggest as a doctor be the best option for my breast if I want perkier more shape-full breast? There... READ MORE

5'4", 130 lbs, already 32D. What profile do I choose? (photo)

So I'm 5'4 about 130 lbs. I'm already a size 32 d so I'm slightly confused on how much bigger I can actually go? As u can tell from my photos I have no shape and zero cleavage... READ MORE

Is there a price difference between Saline and Silicone Implants?

So I'm wondering this because after I got my quote of silicone along with a lift .. I was having second thoughts on the original choice and was leaning more towards saline .... READ MORE

Saline Vs Silicone and Which Profile? (Photo)

Ok so I chose my surgeon finally after seeing over 10 of them I found one that was compatible with me and my needs. I'm still confused on what profile type and saline or... READ MORE

Unsymmetrical breast 5'4 current bra size 32 c weight 127 lbs, I'm on the fence between saline or silicone. (photo)

For a patient who is uneven like is saline or silicone the better route ? My concern is since silicone is already pre filled as opposed to the saline which they can fill as... READ MORE

Any advice on blisters caused by surgical tape post Breast Augmentation? (photos)

So as it is I have extremely sensitive skin. I had a lift with implants done 2 weeks ago and after surgery I noticed blisters where the surgical tape once was. We'll most of... READ MORE

Recent comments from Ocbabe89

Hey! I'm glad you found me too :) Happy my pictures helped you also. If it Wasn't for real self I probably wouldn't have found my doctor as soon as I did. We'll I am 5'3 and currently weigh 127 or so lol I was a 32 C before surgery and... READ COMMENT

I know . I keep tellin myself rome wasn't built in a day" and neither will my breast. This is a healing process and every day every week our body is healing and changing. I don't want to ruin my results so I'm just trying my best to be... READ COMMENT

Sorry for the late reply it's hard to see what order the comments are Going . I went 475 on my left and 450 On my right ! I will most likely be a full d small dd maybe . READ COMMENT

I know I'm learning to be patient and not so impatient . This was a very technical procedure that required a lot of work. My doctor created a masterpiece so with that I have to learn to take it a day at a time . I would hate to ruin the... READ COMMENT