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Would narrowing of nostrils and Goretex work for my Asian nose without looking too "Western/fake"? (photos)

Pictures 1 to 5 illustrate my nostrils "flaring" or being "wide" when I smile or laugh, and this is mainly what I wanted to change. The surgeon I have consulted said that... READ MORE

Can injectable rhinoplasty be used for narrowing nostrils? (photo)

My Asian nostrils "flare" every time I smile or laugh. If I don't move my face, I like my nose the way it is. The surgeon I have consulted advised surgical rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Flat chested Asian woman. What implant/incision would be the best? Goal:natural-looking as shown in the 2nd and 3rd pics.(photo)

Asian, 5in 3" tall and weighs 105 lbs Just need expert opinion on whether I am a good candidate for periareolar incision -silicone implants. Going for a natural look like in... READ MORE

33y.5'3"Areola3.6cm.Are my wish boobs realistic?Don't want to see outlines of implants.What breast width matches which implants?

What are my best options in terms of implants? Smooth/textured? I don't like upper pole fullness.Some doctors here suggested teardrop but I am afraid my boobs will look too... READ MORE

HP(Mentor) silicone implants do not look pushed-up/fake. I'm surprised! Do my saggy breasts make them look natural? (Photo)

I am aware that 3-D is only simulation and that actual results may vary.However, I love the outcome of the 3-D images I got from my PS today.I am 34y 5'3" 105 lbs.Breastfed 2... READ MORE

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Hey, I see the dent on the right side...hope the dent goes away and it's not something serious. I just emailed Jennifer tonight as well to put my mind at ease and to finalize choice of implants with Dr. Chivers. READ COMMENT

Hey!! They look AMAZING one month post-op!! Love how they are settling!! May I ask which profile this is? Mod or FULL? Thank you :)) READ COMMENT

Gad to hear your surgery went well! Are there different types of profiles for Ideal Implants? What is your Bwd? READ COMMENT

Yes, very small implant, only 240cc (as in why did u even bother paying 10k for it?lol) One PS said I am 11cm and the other one said 10cm. The one PS understood that I want a very natural look so he said to go with Moderate 240cc. When... READ COMMENT

Hi MagicalUnicorn :) I finally did my 2 other consults...aahhh you're lucky your BWD is 13! One Ps said it's 10cm, the other 11cm... Regardless, u can imagine how limiting that would be in terms of volume and still achieving the... READ COMMENT