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Actually, I have met MANY aesthetic doctors who like to boast that the patients others screw up end up coming to them to be fixed. It seems to me that many of these doctors WANT to meet people like you who posted here. I wonder if the... READ COMMENT

Hi Tomato. Actually peri-follicular erythema (red dots around the hair shaft on the skin surface) is extremely common, as is folliculitis. Some people always get it and need to be careful to apply the right moisturizer OFTEN... READ COMMENT

I know several people that own Beautiful Image, and several with the Diamond MediLift (which I used to distribute in 2003). They all rave about their machines, and use them for facial and tummy tightening. Unfortunately, they are... READ COMMENT

Hi JLB17. I have the non-CO2 Pixel and would never use the CO2 - too risky. However, there is a company in Princeton NJ near you that makes a very elegant version called ECO2, and they have a superstar derm user near princeton...call... READ COMMENT

Hey Ron, in the future for cystic acne there is a simpler, cheaper way to get more results with no downtime, and it is very popular in Indonesia and Korea among sensitive skin populations. JetPeel skin rejuvenation - providers can be... READ COMMENT