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Thank you for sharing! I had mine removed in Jan and am struggling with body image some. No one on these boards has mentioned what happens to your breasts when you lay down after removal... Am I the only one who's breasts fall into a... READ COMMENT

I watched Downton Abbey while I recovered from my explant too! It was just the kind of show I needed :-) . Hope you continue to heal well! READ COMMENT

You look fantastic! I am a little over 3 months out now and not looking back :). I am back to doing push-ups too and working out pretty much at the intensity that I was pre-op. I am so glad I decided to remove. I hope mine continue... READ COMMENT

I have also had awful migraines after having mine removed. I have dealt with migraines for years and I have had a flair up after having my implants removed. On a 12 day round of prednisone now to get rid of my latest migraine. I know... READ COMMENT