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Solutions for weak chin and jaw? (photo)

As you can see in the photo(1) I have a weak chin and jaw, even though I'm young, too much skin runs from my neck to my chin, what can be done to fix this? My jaw is a fine... READ MORE

Do I need a chin augmentation to allow my mouth and chin to better align? (photos)

My mouth sticks out from my chin and there is a dimple between my chin and my mouth, please help? I really want my mouth to lie flatter on my chin, would this require chin... READ MORE

My mouth sticks out more than my chin, is there any procedure that can make my mouth and chin level? (photos)

My mouth doesn't lie flat on my face and sticks out further than my chin, also there is a dimple between where my chin finishes and my mouth starts, is there any procedure that... READ MORE

Why does my chin stick out? what do i do to get it my chin/mouth to be in harmony? (photos)

Please help :( I've done so much research and found no explanation as to why my chin sticks out like it does or why it looks like it's got a dent in it, or why there is SO much... READ MORE

Does facial redness from retinoid use ever subside?

I've been using adapalene gel 0.1% for 12 weeks now, and while it's improved my acne markedly, I'm not happy with how red it makes my face look. The info leaflet said symptoms... READ MORE