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Yes, she got from 800cc up to 2480cc so far. No problems at all, so I don't know about safely. I never heard about a DIY boob job. I'll search for some more information about it. Thanks for your help and I hope soon the pain will go away! READ COMMENT

I've seen a women who bought medical supplies so she could enlarge her cc by herself. She is the only one I've ever heard from about making your boobs bigger after a surgery. So I'm wondering if there are more women who can do the same... READ COMMENT

A amazing job on your boobs! I'm wondering, can you fill those up by yourself? You're such a beautiful women! READ COMMENT

Wow, I love the transformation! I'm wondering, can you fill them up by yourself? I've seen a girl who bought medical supplies and filled them up by herself. To bad it isn't going well between you and your bf, but there are so many... READ COMMENT