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Upcoming Mastectomy with Reconstruction - Conyers, GA

I will be having a reconstruction after mastectomy. Today I went to a different PS and she suggested that I do a two step reconstruction...tissue expanders, then silicone implants. I originally wanted saline but the doctor recommended the other. I didn't qualify for the DIEP or TRAM flap due to previous abdominal surgeries and a hernia I have present. It was suggested that I do only implant... READ MORE

Questions from youcantfindme

I am scheduled for a mastectomy soon, and I am having trouble with implant sizing. May you please make suggestions? (photo)

I used to weigh 400lb and I have lost 157lbs and have been at a stable weigh for 2 years. I am happy with where I am at and I carry my weight very well. I have always had... READ MORE

I had a mastectomy and breast reconstruction feb 5 2014 and still in pain. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with alloderm and tissue expanders placed under the muscle and was filled to 500cc per breast during this procedure, and still... READ MORE

Will 800cc implants look right on my frame and will they feel better than tissue expanders? What would be an ideal size? (Photo)

I had a mastectomy with reconstruction on feb 5, with alloderm and tissue expanders. I was filled to 500cc. Its been three weeks and I went for my first expansion. I am now... READ MORE

Adjustable gel/saline implants by mentor? (Photo)

MyTE are 770cc and will be getting 800cc at exchange surgery.I want silicone feel and I like the idea of saline because of overfilling. I love the idea of the two being... READ MORE

How are woman getting over 800cc implants in the USA. Even with breast reconstruction after a mastectomy? (Photo)

I am just wondering this because I have TE filled to 770cc and I am a larger woman and feel totally un-proportioned. my PS said she wont fill a saline implant much over 800cc.... READ MORE

Why do I look pregnant after my panniculectomy? (photos)

I have lost over 157lbs on my own and have 3 children. I am 31 and was left with a huge pannus. My insurance covered the removal of this due to recurring infections. I have... READ MORE

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Some women don't have the chest space to put them in...theyare fairly large just looking at them but they are small on me. Its so amazing how different they look on others. I have a friends with 375cc salines...and they look to be the... READ COMMENT

Thanks....I hope they are reliable implants! READ COMMENT

BOOB UPDATE!!! Its been about 8 months since I had my exchange surgery....a bunch has happened. I have changed plastic surgeons because of some serious issues. I see a the same office. He is AMAZING! In my opinion his work is... READ COMMENT

My scars were very very red for a while.....they are getting better. You can purchase silicone strips from CVS...they help treat the scars and also massaging the scars helps with the painful scar tissue on the inside. As always, make... READ COMMENT

I got my exchange surgery in July 2014...I got the 800cc silicone ultra high profile....but compared to my real boobs...they are quite small. I had some fat grafting to help plump things did help but its no where near enough.... READ COMMENT