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Gabriel's work is amazing!!

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Breast Augmentation

11 Oct 2016, Created 8 months ago

Allen Gabriel, MD, FACS

5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for being an amazing doctor! It went so fast, I'm not sure what implants yet. He made me feel so confident and beautiful! He didn't judge but was reasonable and listened to what I wanted and corrected me on cup size. So far so good! He's so good at what he does, he did it with confidence and he made me laugh and feel safe! Thank you! READ MORE

5'4, 115lbs, 36yrs Old. Breastfed 4 kids. SRF 415cc.

I am looking into getting a breast augmentation. I have had small A cup all my life. My goal is to get natural looking and feeling silicone breast implants at a size D. I'm having a hard time finding the look I want but know from research that silicone, moderate is what I'd be looking for, for a more natural looking breast. So I'm trying to get baby to stop breastfeeding so I can get a good... READ MORE

Questions from wishing girl

I'm having a hard time deciding between silicone, gummy bear or saline and will I need a lift? (photo)

I'm small chested and have been all my life. I have 4 kids and really enjoyed breastfeeding not just because of the healthy factor but because it gave me boobs for that short... READ MORE

What CC would be big but not grossly big for my frame to achieve my goal? (Photo)

I'm thinking about going with a 475cc silicone implant. I am 110lbs but usually 135lbs, 5'4 and breastfeed 4 kids. Would this be way to big for me? I want to achieve an... READ MORE

Breast implant size for my body structure that's a good fit for being on the larger size. Hourglass figure. (photos)

I'm wanting to go big but not to the point my skin is streched to the max or that looks way fake. I was thinking moderate plus Mentor silicone implants 475cc? My surgery is Oct... READ MORE

HIgh Profile vs Moderate in first BA, what would you recommend?

For my first BA should I go with a UHP? My friend says to do it because over the years they'll stay youthful looking and not sag so much. READ MORE

Anchored to my ribs? (Photo)

I went in for my first check-up after surgery. My doctor said I was anchored to my ribs? What exactly dues that mean? How come? READ MORE

Bruised and red raised bump on sternum? Dents on insides of breast? (Photo)

I am 7 days post-op and have a couple concerns. Painful raised red and bruised lower sternum? And inside dents in cleavage? Normal? READ MORE

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Thank you! So far so good. READ COMMENT

All I can say is waiting is key. Your only in the first stages you can read my reviews if that helps. When he tells you to massage those scares do so or keep the strips on. My swelling went down after 3-4 months READ COMMENT

Your so welcome...I'm so glad to hear that. I wish the best for you! It is mind boggling I'm sure. Just keep the research up and ask lots of questions. Thank you. READ COMMENT

Yes with a trusted PS they do know best. READ COMMENT