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Silicone Implant "rejection" x2. Could it be infection? Misplaced implant? (photo)

Jaw implants put in July 2013 by head of cosmetic surgery at a huge world class hospital. At four months one side swelled HUGE and puss drained into my mouth. Antibiotics of... READ MORE

Any advice on getting my jaw to open and Is there malpractice here? (Photo)

Jaw implant July 2013. One implant removed December2013 the other January2013. 4 weeks post op I can only open my jaw 1.5 inches. (jaw locked since initial surgery) I stretch... READ MORE

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I've been wondering for a few years now about using saline injections into the muscle to expand the fascia. Theory: The fascia that encases every muscle prevents muscle growth. If Synthol works by expanding the fascia from the inside... READ COMMENT

How muscles grow, IF they grow, and the shape they take when they grow is genetic. Many people hammer away at certain muscles to no avail while some people can develop those muscles effortlessly. This is very much the case for the... READ COMMENT

Betty Pino died because of silicon injections into the butt, or rather the injected silicone hurt so she tried to have it removed. The wounds got infected and lead to sepsis which is deadly. http://www.huffingtonpost... READ COMMENT

Seriously??? Dammit. The fat dissipates if you work out? That blows big time. Reputable Docs are telling you this? damn damn damn damn >8{ READ COMMENT

Yes, sort of. The body doesn't actually "reject" silicone BUT I had jaw implants and they had to come out. I had a few signs of infection but no fever and blood tests came back twice showing no signs of infection soooo we're not... READ COMMENT