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30 Years Old...Currently Preggo but Hoping for a BA in the Future!

5'10", 150lbs +/- :).... 30 years old. 1 pregnancy + 1 on the way! Currently 30 weeks pregnant so clearly I will not be getting a BA anytime soon..sadly! But long story short, I was never blessed with bountiful breasts lol. Ive 'settled at a B cup most of the time (prior to pregnancy) now a... READ MORE

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LMAO oh my gosh your screen name??? how in the world...whats he chances??? I seriously had o look twice I thought someone posted under mine READ COMMENT

Omg you look amazing girl! looking back at your 1 wk photos they have probably doubled in size and fluffed! READ COMMENT

You have great perky boobs and good size nipples to go bigger, they will look amazing girl , and like you said...they'll be competing with your booty lol...that made me laugh! READ COMMENT

Girl you could COMPETE next to 'those' girls if you really wanted ...but for nasty as the whole idea is, you should really feel great about yourself at this point, I have talked with so many that almost feel like their own... READ COMMENT

I have to say your pre-boobjob boobs were frickin' awesome natural boobs lol! , but I can understand wanting a little more , and totally agree they weren't the best fit the first time around...reguardless, I think you really look very... READ COMMENT