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Questions from jess83

They filed my teeth down now wearing temps n waiting for lithium disilicate crowns. Is there any other option now?

I was just approved for an care credit card I felt the dentist rushed. Iallowed myself to get pressured into doing something I'm not even sure is the best solution for me.I'm a... READ MORE

Fillings turning yellow & one root canal in between all my front. The dentist filed my teeth down was that the right move?

Im still regreting this I think the 5 grand could of dispersed restoring my mouth wisely n honestly.I hate myself so much for allowing myself to get suckered more so by the... READ MORE

I really don't want to get my lower tooth extracted for Invisalign and my six top crowns have to be corrected. Any advice?

With the crowding of my lower teeth n the top six of my teeth needing to be replaced due to the difference in size n color n shape..none of them are permanently cemented in ..... READ MORE

Before I change my top 6 crowns. I'm being told I need to get Invisalign on both. Will it work on my top & bottom teeth? (photo)

I don't want to extract my bottom tooth now that all my top six r crowned.. None of six crowns r permanently cemented in either. I'm trying to fix the work of a local dentist... READ MORE

Left to correct the work of dentist who wasn't experienced in this field. Any prosthodontist willing to fix for a reduced fee?

Left to fix the work of aneagerly pushy team.I'm 33mom of two I cant afford feel so unattractive after the work this dentist attempted.I've been walking around with temps n... READ MORE

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My local dentist filed my teeth for crowns what can I do now?

Im depressed 30 year old single mom.I trusted my local dentist. Now Im regreting it .The manager opened a care credit card n pressured me n I cracked ,so mad at myself I know... READ MORE

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I think sime of my teeth could if been saved.I think a cosmetic doctor would of given me more options.I had old fillings that needed to be replaced.I think I could of held out much longer.I'm not sure if the dentist was entirely honest... READ COMMENT