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Minor Slimming & Tip Elevation - Experience Has Not Gone Well

My rhinoplasty experience has not gone well. It was supposed to be a minor slimming and elevation of tip. Dr. scooped out bridge, made width of bridge very slim and I have what looks like scooped out trenches on either side of nose.It has been almost six weeks and I still do not like to leave the house. I had thought I was on the same page with the Dr, but apparently not. My nostrils are... READ MORE

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Find a specialist that ONLY does noses. Nothing else. If you haven't used any rib or ear cartilage yet the doctors can work wonders. I know, it happened to me and I never thought I would look normal again. Now, after a proper... READ COMMENT

Does it scarring make the nose not go down? Interesting! Crazy how you see changes isn't it? What I don't like is when things are coming down and then you wake up one morning and you are swollen up like a month prior. Good luck with... READ COMMENT

Did Dr Toledo do any of your revisions? He ruined my face and I am going out of state for a revision. Very costly and detrimental to my mental status!! READ COMMENT

Awesome! I am so jealous, I am still at least 6-7 months before I can do a revision. Did the Dr have to use a k-wire in the cartilage? Remember, the bridge swelling takes a good 6-7 weeks before it looks like it will. I would... READ COMMENT

Have you had your revision yet? I have to tell you that I am in the exact same position. I had a rhinoplasty done in early July. I cannot believe how extremely bad the result is. I had a small nose to begin with and now since the Dr... READ COMMENT