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Worth It 100x! Just Have Realistic Expectations - San Jose, CA

I have had most of my body lasered multiple times and mostly at the same clinic. As an Asian with fair skin but uncharacteristically thick, dark hair everywhere it just was NOT cute. My family would get on my case about shaving and how they wondered how I could ever find a boyfriend with hairy legs like that. Haha. My brother and male cousin would get grossed out and ask me to 'put... READ MORE

Worth It - But Be Smart About Where You Get It Done - California

I have done IPL on my face 3 times now. Once in Mexico City for $30, once at a spa chain for $200+, and once at a doctor's office for $150. I have had good results with IPL. The $30 experience was a little too quick and I didn't notice any difference afterwards. My second experience was the most expensive but I was very pleased to see dark pigment from some moles on my face... READ MORE

Permanent Make-Up is an Art So Find a Good Artist!

I have seen some pretty bad examples of permanent make-up. It is basically a tattoo and very permanent. If you've ever seen regular tattoos you know there is a HUGE range of tattoos in terms of skill and *artistry*. In some ways even more so than light peels or other cosmetic procedures, you want to find the most skilled hand to do this to you. I went to one of the top aesthetic medi... READ MORE

Microdermabrasion Does Not Work for Thicker, Oilier Skin Types

I have been getting *series* of microdermabrasion over the years. First at a dermatologists office and then at aesthetician's office. The different between going to an MD and a 'beauty clinic' is merely the machines that can be used. I feel the nurse who did the first two microdermabrasion sessions was not as informed or skilled as the aesthetician. I have never had microdermabrasion... READ MORE