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Revision Rhinoplasty for Upturned and Short Nose (Male) - Seattle, WA

I had a rhinoplasty in November 2013. I went to have the surgery in Poland because of the low prices, but this whole "mission" turned out to be one of the worst experiences in my life, so far. I wanted to have a more masculine nose, as I all my life have been struggling with people saying I look feminine. So the plan was to make it less projected and derotate it. Everything went smooth, the... READ MORE

Questions from GuyFromTheNorth

Would chin and cheek implants make my face more masculine and attractive, or would buccal fat removal do the job? (photos)

I want to look more masculine, and I want my face more defined. A square chin implant would make my face look more masculine, right? But what about cheek implants? There are 3... READ MORE

Could I have benefit of a brow lift? (photo)

I am wondering if I could have benefit of a brow lift, or maybe skin removal from upper eyelid. People sometimes tell me that I look tired, even when I'm not at all. Or maybe... READ MORE

Is this a likely and reasonable result of chin cheeks and brow lift? (photo)

I want to have chin and cheek implants, and maybe (?) a brow lift. I think my face is a bit flat, and want the shapes to be more angular. But I want to know that surgery can... READ MORE

What suggestions do you have to fix my failed Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I need help. I had a horrible rhinoplasty two months ago, and now I look like a pig! I liked my old nose, but wanted to define the tip, and the surgeons somehow managed to... READ MORE

Is it possible to lower the nostrils? (photo)

My nostrils are a bit large. I consulted a plastic surgeon, and he told me he could fix the overhang of tissue along the superior border either by cutting out an ellipse inside... READ MORE

Is this result possible with rhinoplasty revision, chin and cheek implants? (photos)

I had one rhinoplasty in November because I wanted a more masculine apperance. But that did not turn out well. I have tried to illustrate what a revision rhinoplasty with cheek... READ MORE

Are the changes I believe are necessary for my Revision Rhinoplasty, aesthetically "right"? (photo)

I would like to know what you surgeons think; if my thoughts, and ideas to correct my nose in a revision rhinoplasty are good, and then, only aesthetically speaking. Some times... READ MORE

Liposuction of flanks 7 months ago - Does it look like I need a revision? (photo)

I had liposuction of the flanks and thighs 7 months ago. The surgeon told me that he did not take much, and he illustrated a few centimeters with his fingers. He said that if... READ MORE

How much will this facial makeover cost? Is the morphing reasonable? (photo)

L am wonderinghow much this "total makeover" will cost me. I am so tired of my flat cheeks, small and round chin, and my upturned nose, which is the "not so successful" result... READ MORE

Is exercise the only solution here, or could Liposuction help me? (photos)

I have asked the same question earlier, but there was very dark light in the photos, so I am trying this again with new photos. I work out (weight lifting) 5-6 times a week,... READ MORE

May nasal bones that are too sharp cut through the skin?

It's over 10 months since I had a rhinoplasty. They broke my nasal bones and brought them together. When I touch the top of the bridge, the bone feels very uneven and... READ MORE

Bad dreams related to breathing problems?

I am a heavy sleeper, and I often have bad dreams. I was wondering if my bad dreams could have anything to do with my breathing problems? I have a deviated septum and the area... READ MORE

Are the hollowness under my eyes related to weak cheeks, or droopy lower eyelids?

I am only 18, but I have these dark lines and hollowness under my eyes, which I never see at people my own age. I am pretty sure this is something genetic. I am wondering what... READ MORE

Are the size of facial bones compensating each other?

I have a bit unsymmetrical face, the brow bone is larger on the left side than the right. The cheek and jaw bones are also unsymmetrical, but the weird thing is that the cheek... READ MORE

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Young male looking for a more masculine apperance. What do you think?

This is kind of a sad situation. All my life I have been teased because I have very feminine features, and I am getting sick of it. One year ago I did a rhinoplasty in hope of... READ MORE

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Thank you :) We'll see what happens regarding the implants. I'm planning on trying fillers at first, and then if I like it, I'll probably have implants when I am older. READ COMMENT

Thank you. :) We'll see what happends regarding the implants. I think I'll first try fillers, and then if I like it I'll probably have implants when I am a bit older. READ COMMENT

Thank you so much :) Hope it will be a success. Yes, I know, Dr Lamperti seems very thorough, and whenever I speak with him, very honest. Can't really say how important that is to me, with all my previous experiences... I will keep you... READ COMMENT

I dont know yet when I'll have the surgery, but hopefully within a year. Dr. Lamperti said that the tissue will be easier to work with, with time, so I'm not in any hurry. The breathing problems are a bitch though... I contacted Dr... READ COMMENT

But the revision is definately the very first thing I'll do. It's also the most expensive, so I'll have to be very patient not doing anything else because its less expensive. ;) READ COMMENT