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Non-surgical Nostril Reduction?

I have heard of non-surgical nostril reduction to reduce nasal flare when smiling, and to narrow down a wide nasal tip. How much is it? Is it effective in decreasing the width?... READ MORE

What Anesthesia is Used on Non-surgical Nostril Reduction?

I have seen a doctor's website that shows non-surgical nostril reduction done on a patient and the results looked quite promising. My question is on nostril reduction; is only... READ MORE

Is Nostril Reduction Under Local Anesthesia Non-surgical?

In my previous question, I ask whether "passing out" is needed in non-surgical nostril reduction procedure. What I meant was "non-surgical" in the sense... READ MORE

Non Surgical Option to Reduce Nasal Flare when Smiling?

Please closely read my question. I wanted to know if there is any non-surgical (or non-passing out) procedure that will reduce nasal flare when smiling. Can non-surgical... READ MORE

Any Way to Get a Bigger Smile?

This is a bit of a different question. I was wondering if there is any possible way to get a great, big smile, and that means getting bigger teeth basically? If your teeth are... READ MORE

Tip-plasty Under IV Sedation?

Hi there. I was wondering if Rhinoplasty when changing just the tip (Tip-plasty) can be done under IV Sedation? Under IV, are you mostly awake, and cannot feel anything? How... READ MORE

Question on Broadening a Smile With Invisalign?

I have heard conflicting answers on whether Invisalign can broaden, widen, and give you a bit more of a "Hollywood" smile. My question is can adults who have straight... READ MORE

Any Topical Solutions For Tear Troughs?

Hi, I already know the answer is "No" probably, but wanted to give it a try anyway. Is there any topical cream available, by prescription or otherwise, that can... READ MORE