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CO2 Fractional Laser Resurfacing Nightmare - Periorbital Area - May Be Scarred for Life. - Sarasota, FL

Hi, Here is my review. I opted to have CO2 Fractional Laser Resurfacing done around my eyes, as I had fine lines and the undereyes crinkled when I smiled. Also top lids were hooded due to excess / loose skin most likely due to my brows dropping in the middle in the aging process. The doctor I went to is a double certified plastic surgeon, with generally good reviews. Here is my... READ MORE

Questions from 123okay

How do I prevent / reduce scaring after CO2 fractional laser resurfacing around the eyes? (photo)

Hi, I am about 15 days post procedure. My skin is bright red (photos uploaded don't capture full redness). It appears a scar is forming by my eye, and I feel raised areas (like... READ MORE

How quickly can you start scaring after CO2 fractional laser resurfacing?

Hi, I had laser resurfacing 3 weeks ago.I have an area above my eye that looks like a scar. Its white, waxy, bumpy, fibrous & condensed all in one line like a braid. Dr. says... READ MORE

Does this look like scarring? (photo)

From my photos, does this look like scarring? I am only 26 days post periorbital CO2 laser resurfacing procedure, and the doctor who did this says it couldn't be scarring,... READ MORE

What is does this protrusion look like it is? It is going from my eyebrow down to my cheek (Photo)

Today I noticed in photos one of my eyebrows is doing something peculiar when I smile. It is only one eyebrow, but there is a protrusion going from the eyebrow all the way down... READ MORE

How to fix horrible texture after CO2 Fractional laser resurfacing?

Hi, before I had some fine lines under my eyes, but with smooth skin otherwise. Now I have tons of tiny crinkly fine lines in the areas under my eyes laser was done, plus I... READ MORE

Does it seem like I would benefit from a facelift (please specify which) over fillers? (PHOTO)

Hi, I am 33 years old but feel like I have significant facial aging. The Dr. I went to seems to think I'm too young for a facelift and suggests fillers. Do you see the downward... READ MORE

I had peri-orbital laser resurfacing and now the structure of my eye looks bad. How do I fix this? (Photo)

Hi, I had periorbital CO2 fractional laser resurfacing, now the structure of my eye seems to look bad: hollowed out groove, poufy bags, and weird denting. How do I fix this? READ MORE

How to get rid of bumps under eyes and ugly skin texture after CO2 fractional laser resurfacing to peri-orbital area?

Hi, I had peri-orbital laser resurfacing done about 5 months ago. The texture of my skin in that area is horrible. I have tiny little bumps the doctor said could be oil glands... READ MORE

Can one procedure fix very hollowed out eyes that also have malar bags extending to cheeks, plus flattened cheeks?

Hi, I have very hollowed out peri-orbital area, protruding peri-orbital rim, malar bags extending down onto the cheeks and flattened cheeks. It looks like fat has descended to... READ MORE

Will a Blepharoplasty fix my malar bags? I'm just wanting to have the fat and / or muscle re-positioned. (photos)

Hi, I asked a similar question prior, I did not upload photos and doctors seemed to want to see some. I am not looking for a temporary fix (fillers, etc.) as it would be too... READ MORE

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Thanks, it is especially disappointing as I did this as a treat for myself after going through so much losing two people and also being a caregiver. This was the way I was going to treat myself, and now this. I really wish I would... READ COMMENT

I am a different poster, I am 5 months post procedure after having laser resurfacing done around my eyes, and the result is horrible. I look like I've aged 10-20 years. My skin was smooth before with some lines my makeup settled in. ... READ COMMENT

Wow. I got C02 Fractional laser resurfacing to get rid of some fine lines. I wanted to be able to not have makeup settle into them, and / or look better close up. Now I look bad without makeup and bad with makeup. I have a ton of... READ COMMENT

I had C02 Fractional laser resurfacing to my eye area. Looked decent at first accept for skin texture... now my eyes have become papery, very dry and oddly saggy and baggy with weird dents. There are tiny raised bumps all over, and my... READ COMMENT

Thanks for letting me know. If I become rich being able to fly out to Beverly Hills to fix this, I would absolutely consider going to him. I just have no idea what the fix is supposed to be for these issues. READ COMMENT