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52yo Male - Denver, CO

I'm going to have my moderate laugh lines filled. Any suggestions on which filler might be suggested. I'm 52yo male who just had upper and lower eyelid surgery which is going rather well. I'm healing quite nicely except for little irritations like eye twitching and rubbery feeling to my upper lids. I'll be seeing my PS on Wednesday to discuss what options I have regarding fillers for my... READ MORE

52yo Male with Droopy Eyes and Lower Bags - Denver, CO

I noticed how droopy my eyelids had become about 2 years ago. I figured that's how a guys eyes should be. Then I finally decided to bite the bullet and go for it. I did about 11 consults and still didn't feel comfortable getting the procedure done. Most of the offices were too elegant looking for me. In December I finally found a PS that was a non nonsense kind of PS and scheduled an... READ MORE

Questions from jfb1962

Can Juvederm filler remove laugh lines? What are the chances of getting shingles and/or cold sores from this?

I'm considering fillers for my laugh lines and was suggested by my PS that Juvederm would be used being that my lines very light, what concerns my is getting cold sores or even... READ MORE

I'm a 52 year old male. How long does a Mini Lift last?

Im a 52yo male with moderate jowling and NB lines will a mini lift take care of these problems and is this lift the same as a so called life style lift? Also, where are the... READ MORE

What are the differences between Mini lift, Lifestyle Lift and Short Scar Lift?

Doctors have their versions of lifts, why so many names and why do some doctors say that these lifts don't work? I'm a 52yo male considering a mini lift to address minor jowl... READ MORE

52 yo male considering a mini lift my concerns are scarring and the length of time they will heal.

I'm considering a mini lift but what concerns me are the scars. will the scars be noticeable around the tragus and will hair grow at the tragus. Also, what about "pixie ears" I... READ MORE

I'm a 52yo male who has minimal jowling and very little neck sagging. How long do you think this procedure will last?

I'm a 52yo male who has minimal jowling and very little neck sagging. I just had a Quicklift down, I'm 5 days out. I have minimal swelling and bruising, I'm fair skinned. How... READ MORE

52yo male: are the incisions the same as a mini lift? Will the scarring be minimal around and behind the ears?

Was wondering if the incisions are the same as a mini lift? Will the scarring be minimal around and behind the ear and will the pain subside on ears? READ MORE

52yo male 5 days out of Mini Lift.

How long will it take before I see any results?  As of now, I just have minimal swelling and bruising behind the ear.  But show no sharp jawline just minimal jowling... READ MORE

52yo male just had a mini lift 9 days ago. I'm fair skinned. Will my jowls and loose chin go away once the swelling is gone?

But still have minimal swelling in front of ears and along side of ears. My jowls are still apparent and my chin is loose. I had no neck skin just minimal jowls. Will these 2... READ MORE

52yo male just had a mini lift. Will results show after 13 days?

I just had a minilift from board certified ps I still show signs of jowling and a little sag under the chin. I'm a fair skinned Hispanic all signs of swelling are gone. Will my... READ MORE

52yo Hispanic who just had a minilift by a board certified ps. When can I expect results?

My minilift was done on 7/29/14 by a board certified ps all of the bruising is gone except for the numbness along the ears. My profile still shows some jowling and a bit of a... READ MORE

Male, just had minilift, how soon will results show? I know procedure is subtle but I still have some jowling.

Will it take months before I begin to show any subtle signs of a mini lift? Also, is it possible that the procedure didn't take at all? READ MORE

I had a mini lift back in July and the results aren't as I expected. When would I be able to have a revision or should I wait?

I'm a male who had a mini lift back in July and I'm not very satisfied with the results I have a bit of jowling going on and a mild fullness to my chin. I didn't have much... READ MORE

I've heard mini lifts give mini results. What can I do about minimal sagging of jowls?

What can I do in regards of dermal fillers to rid to minimal sagging of jowls? I had a mini lift approx. 6 mo. ago, I'm 53yo and I still have minimal sagging of jowls. READ MORE

53yo male had a Mini Lift 6 mo. ago. by a board certified PS

I still show some minimal jowling and a bit of sagging under the chin. My neck is in great condition, What is the best approach to take to rid the about conditions. Will,... READ MORE

I'm 53yo Hispanic male, I had a mini lift 6mo. ago but still show signs of laugh lines and jowling. Which filler would be best?

Which dermal filler would be recommended for moderate jowling and laugh lines and how long would this last? READ MORE

Recent comments from jfb1962

I had a mini lift on July 29th I'm a 52yo male. I wanted to look the way feel and I don't feel like a 52yo. But I'm not sure the results are as I'd like. I still have a mild jowl going on and a slight fullness under my chin. I see... READ COMMENT

Thanks for the recommendation. I think I'll do more research on PS locally. I have a few in mind. READ COMMENT

Yes, I'm contemplating seeing another board certified PS but I'm only 3 months out. I don't know if this other PS can do anything this early with my procedure. The sides of my ears are numb and that's about it. My incisions are... READ COMMENT

I had my eye lid lifts upper and lowers back in Dec. 2013 and I too, was very pleased, I received many compliments as well, I'm a 52yo male. Happy to hear you're pleased with your results. READ COMMENT

52yo male just had a minilift 10 days ago, minimal swelling on side of face and under earlobes. I don't see much of a difference regarding the jowling and under my chin. :Hope once swelling resolves I'll see a "bit" of a difference?!? READ COMMENT