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Truly Disappointed on So Many Levels - Columbus, OH

At first I thought this guy and his nurse bobby walked on water. But I have since changed my mind. My experience had so many levels of disappointment I just can't list them all right now. But I will give you one example and that is this: I asked for a breast lift and aug (to be fuller). I said I didn't want to be any bigger that a full C. They brought me ONE implant and insisted that was... READ MORE

Questions from parton

How should I ask my surgeon for a revision? Am I being to picky? is my complaint warranted? (photo)

I had a breast lift and augmentation 8 weeks ago. My breasts were not symmetrical to begin with, so the plan was (I thought) to reduce my right breast a little so they would be... READ MORE

When will my tummy be flat? Could I have damaged it by being too active? (photo)

I had a TT 8 weeks ago, the first couple weeks my tummy was flat as a board..then when my drain came out and I started being more active. I realize the activity has caused more... READ MORE

I'd like to know about any downfalls or risks that I could encounter if I had my implants replaced with smaller implants?

I just had a breast lift and implants dec 11th,13.... from the first day to today I feel they are too big for me.. just too big... I am thinking of asking my doctor to do a... READ MORE

Full/partial tummy tuck? Is it possible to have full TT and still have freckles in same place? (Photo)

I got what I thought & paid 5000 for a full TT in im noticing the same 2 little freckles on my stomach are in the exact same place. I wonder if I only got a partial TT... READ MORE

Why are my breasts so low & sagging? (Photo)

My surgery was early Dec.& my breast haven't really changed much since the 1st week.I asked for a lift &to be a full C & but im a full D or DD not RT is lower than the... READ MORE

is it normal for a doctor to offer only one type and size of implant for you to try and give no other options? (photo)

A couple weeks before my surgery, I brought pics of what I wanted my breasts to look like,so they brought me 1 implant to look at & was pretty insistent that it was the size &... READ MORE

Why are my teeth grey at the top where they meet my gums all of a sudden?

I have had white teeth my whole life. yes I have bleached them with a product from my dentist and never had a problem.. then about 3 or 4 years ago, all of a sudden my teeth... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Kor deep bleaching? (photo)

Dr. kurthy do you think I would be a good candidate for Kor deep bleaching? I used to have white teeth.. I used a night bright gel from my dentist and it was great.but I tried... READ MORE

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Thank you ! I have struggled and debated posting my experience as i don't want to hurt anyone. :( READ COMMENT

Awe... thank you so much :) READ COMMENT

Thank you so much... i hope someday too... :) READ COMMENT

Hi Fudgette, :) no i haven't sought out legal advice, i guess i never thought i would have a leg to stand on.. even tho they forgot to have me sign the papers/contract until after my surgery(its true) but i still signed them because... READ COMMENT

Wow, thanks you guys..thank you so much for the kind support... its means more than you know. (especially 5kidsLater xo) READ COMMENT