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amazing doctor and person

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Mini Lift

12 Jan 2017, Created 5 months ago

David H. Harley, MD

5 out of 5 stars

I love Dr. Harley. I will upload a few photos when I am on my other computer. From my first conversation with Dr. Harley I loved him. I consulted with other doctors after only because of the distance. In the end, I went with Dr. Harley because of his outstanding record and patient satisfaction--the testimonies of so many women here sold me. Now, I am an anxious person, so this was a huge... READ MORE

Honest Doctor That Listens and is Generous with His Time - Wayne, PA

I have seen Dr. Pontell on a number of occasions for fillers. He has done a very nice job every time, and also listens to what you want and what part of your face or lips you want filled. The first time I saw him, I was a little put off by the front desk. I'm sorry to say that Kay at the front desk can make a new patient feel a little unwelcome and intimidated. (As you get to know her,... READ MORE

Not Worth It(photos) and Poor Follow Up - Philadelphia, PA

Had a mini tummy tuck more than 10 years ago with dr Bucky. This is what it looks like now. I've included photos to show I am in good shape. I would be writing this negative review except that dr Bucky would not waive a consult fee for me to come back and have him look at his work. I have had more than one dr say this was poorly done. He even tried, through his secretary (as he wouldn't take... READ MORE

Consultation Was a Positive Experience. New York City, NY

Had a consult yesterday with Dr. Sadeh. I have spent a lot of time on realself, and came across his name when looking at BBLs. His prices were very reasonable, and the work I've seen looked good. during the consult, he examined me, took some photos, and gave me what I think are realistic expectations. I had a list of questions and he answered all of them satisfactorily. I had set a surgery... READ MORE

Office Review - Phone Inquiry - Princeton, NJ

Simply a review of my phone call to office: simply inquiring as to whether he does facelifts(no photos or reviews on realself), and the person answering the phone had to put me on hold to find out the answer. Then, I asked if she could tell me whether he does one a week or one a year, and she told me I would have to come in for a consult to get the answer. READ MORE

Office review: Very Disappointed with Practice - Bethesda, MD

I was scheduled for surgery with dr Richards in July. I was to have a mini lift, a lip lift, a bit of fat added with the lift, and a scar revision and lipo to abdomin. I had given a deposit, taken a full month off of work, had my medical clearance faxed, opened a care credit account, and was excited to move forward. I had already skyped uwith dr Richards, made a trip from NJ to meet him, and... READ MORE

Questions from Agirl61

Suggested treatment for lower neck, and thin face, limited budget (NJ area)? (photo)

Looking for a procedure to address my neck. also, slight chin ptosis, most noticeable when I smile or purse my lips and the pad moves downward. I'm concerned that tightening... READ MORE

Lip lift on wide nose/nostrils previous microform cleft lip (Photo0

I was born with microform cleft, as well as wide nostrils. I have had previous rhinoplasties, which included narrowing of nose and nostrils, and cartilage grafts, and... READ MORE

What would make the biggest impact? (Photo)

I am 54. Trying to be objective, I think I could use: 1. a neck or s lift, and fat transfer to my face 2. use a lip lift and 3. possibly a small chin implant--My chin pad hangs... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Mini lift, Facelift or fillers? (photos)

Please advise whether I ready for facelift or might be able to address my issues with fillers. Can something be done for the Ptotic chin? READ MORE

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I just came across a question in my feed from Pina about dealing with the scar, so went looking to see if there was a review. And fortunately there is. Yes I would also like to know if she is happy despite the scar issue or is she has... READ COMMENT

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