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Questions from Mia263

How to Remove Broken Capillaries Above the Eyelids?

Hi. Since having my eyebrows threaded some time ago and been asked to pull the skin taut while she was doing it, I have noticed that some purple/blue veins have appeared above... READ MORE

Would Like a More Rounded, Lifted Look, What Would You Suggest? (photo)

Have 225 L and 250 R Silicone Mentor Siltex Moderate Profile Now Above the Muscle.  I am 5'7", 10.7 stone, slim build. Would a larger HP implant give me a better shape or... READ MORE

Will Silicone HP 300cc Make Me Look Fake or Should I Choose Mod Plus? (photo)

I have 225 & 250 Mentor Siltex implants, which took me from 34B to 34C/D. I am disappointed by the pendular appearance of my breasts still & desire rounder, perky but... READ MORE

Will HP Mentor 275cc and 300cc Make Me Look Too Big and Fake? Would Like to Achieve a D Cup Maximum.

I am planning revision work on my breasts so achieve a tighter more perky youthful look but am worried replacing my moderate profile implants with 50cc large HP implants will... READ MORE

Treatment of prominent Hand Veins. (photo)

I would like to remove or reduce in size the veins on the back of my hands, but do not want to compromise my circulation or health. Vascular surgeons seem divided as to whether... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; PDO Thread Lift or Dermaroller to address fine lines and mild sagging in lower face?

I have a slight downward turn at the corners of my mouth and vertical fine lines that appear indented just below the corners of my mouth, either side of my chin. The right side... READ MORE

Can limited sun exposure cause significant skin damage after IPL Hair Removal? (Photo0

I had IPL hair removal on my arms, hands, legs, bekini. I never sunbathe but do wear short sleeve tops in summer without SPF. Since the IPL (7 treatments, 6 wks apart) I... READ MORE

Sclerotherapy or Laser ablation for prominent hand veins? (photos)

I have enquired with a few surgeons regarding removing these veins and while some say laser ablation has a higher success rate than sclerotherapy, others say a staged approach... READ MORE

If PMT increases my breasts size, would i also notice an implant of 25cc increase in round moderate profile? (photos)

I have a breast augmentation of 225 and 250cc, left and right. I went from a 32D to 32DD/E. I am only happy with the size when i have PMT and breasts enlarge. If i am noticing... READ MORE

Does capsular contraction cause low-grade inflammation in the body, thus compromising your immune system in the long-term?

I have slight capsular contraction in one or both breasts. I only have small moderate profile mentor implants 225cc - 250cc, but i can feel the implant edges at the bottom and... READ MORE

How long does staining usually take to go away after liquid sclerotherapy on the feet?

I had liquid sclerotherapy on one foot done 10 weeks ago. I'm concerned the staining may not go away, as there hasn't been much improvement. Is there anything i can do to help... READ MORE

Can Laser hair removal cause a breakdown of collagen or skin aging?

I have seen this qu posted several times before and I have now experienced it myself, having notice accelerated aging on the back of my wrists on the fold, arms, legs etc. The... READ MORE