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Is Rhinoplasty More Complicated After Having Septoplasty?

I had Septoplasty to help with breathing and it worked. I am now considering Rhinoplasty to remove a bump on the bridge and reshape the nose. Is septoplasty minor compared to... READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery Redo on Damaged Skin?

I have already had lower blepharoplasty. However, the results have been ruined from burns from hot water around my eyes. Is it possible to have eyelid surgery performed again... READ MORE

Does Fraxel Work on Mild Burn Scars Under Eyes?

I have scars (only mild or 1st degree) from burns under the eyes, and was wondering, if Fraxel Repair or Restore would help remove the scars? If so, would the pigmentation be... READ MORE

Can Scarred Under Eye Skin Be Cut Out?

I had a lower blepharoplasty in the past. However, I have skin under the eye that is scarred from burns. I have been told that lasers won't work on burns. Can this skin be... READ MORE

In Theory, Does Fraxel Repair or Restore Help with Burn Scars?

I keep hearing mixed reports on Fraxel Laser (Restore) and Fraxel Repair results for burn scars. On one hand, I have seen pictures of burn scars significantly reduced,... READ MORE

Does Facelift Involve Literally Pulling the Skin to Tighten?

I have scars under my eyes. If I have a facelift, would it mean that the scars could be removed as excess skin as the face is pulled up tighter? READ MORE

Waiting Time Before Revision Blepharoplasty?

I had lower eyelid surgery/blepharoplasty and I am not happy with the results. How long should I wait before a second procedure, if needed? READ MORE

Fraxel Restore or Repair for Under Eye Burn?

The area is also particularly sensitive as its under the eyes. The burns are only mild. Would I be better off with the less invasive Fraxel Restore, or should I try Fraxel... READ MORE

How to Fix Scarring After Blepharoplasty Stitches Split?

My stitches split after Blepharoplasty and left a scar, what should I do?I had surgery about 3 months ago and the stitches have split leaving a scar. What are my best options?... READ MORE

Surgery Needed for Opened Up Blepharoplasty Stitches?

My stitches have opened up on one side after blepharoplasty. I had the surgery 2 months ago. Will I need blepharoplasty again or can the scar be simply stitched back up? READ MORE

Tightness Around the Eyes 1 Year After Lower Blepharoplasty

I had lower blephroplasty a year ago and still have tightness around my eyes is this normal and will it go? READ MORE

Laser Treatment Help Burns and Redness Under Eyes?

I realise it was a stupid thing to do now but after lower blepharoplasty I applied boiled salty water to my stitches. I have been left with red marks or mild burns and my eyes... READ MORE

Stitches Have Come Away and Look Ragged After Lower Blepharoplasty?

This is only on one side. So now one eye looks sharply defined while the other looks to have a small gap and uneven in the corner as it's not healed as well. My surgeon has... READ MORE

Will Erbium Laser Resurfacing Help Even Skin Tone?

The pigmentation of my skin is very uneven. Would the erbium yag laser help?  My complexion on my face is pale with pink and red patches. I am booked in for a session with... READ MORE

What Are the Risks with the Erbium Yag on Lower Eyelids on Sensitive Skin?

I had lower eye blepharoplasty a year ago. My skin feels sensitive and looks uneven since. Due to a misunderstanding I post-operatively applied hot boiled water on the sutures.... READ MORE

Is There Any Difference Between the Nd Yag Laser and the Erbium Yag Laser?

Is the nd yag just a new improved version of the erbium yag? I am getting laser resurfacing around the eyes and have very sensitive skin and believe that both of these lasers... READ MORE

After Blepharoplasty the Skin Around my Eyes Feel Tight

(the lower blepharoplasty surgery was over a year ago)Is there anything that can be done non surgically or are there any products that will help. Also is this problem common? READ MORE

Is the Surgeon Able to Change the Power on the Erbium Yag Just Before Laser Resurfacing?

I am worried about the risk of something going wrong. Can the power be changed just before treatment with no prior notice to a reduced strength. READ MORE

Eyes Feels Like There is Grit in Them and Are Sensitive to Sunlight. Can Anything Be Done?

I was wondering if any operation could be done to help or even if the eyeball can be taken out and cleaned. My eyes have felt like this only since I had lower blepharoplasty a... READ MORE

Erbium Yag Laser - Can You Test Its Suitability Around the Eyes?

Hi, I just wanted to ask two questions. Firstly can you test the laser under the eyes before committing yourself? I thought this may not be practical as its only a very small... READ MORE

Will Punctal Plugs Affect Laser Resurfacing?

I have permanent punctal plugs will this make any difference to me when getting laser resurfacing around the eyes for wrinkles? READ MORE

Will Laser Resurfacing Make my Dry Eye Worse or Better?

I have had lower blepharoplasty and I am considering laser resurfacing. But I got dry eye after the surgery. I want to do the laser to help with wrinkles. However I have been... READ MORE

Cartilage Taken from my Ear or Rib for Rhinoplasty. How Much Does This Increase the Risks?

I have had septoplasty (which has not improved my breathing). I am now considering rhinoplasty for a bump at the bridge and to help reshape the tip. However, If cartilage is... READ MORE

Are There Any Lasers That Are Safer When You Suffer Dry Eyes?

I had blepharoplasty over a year ago, however the healing is a bit ragged and left noticeable scarring. I want to do something to improve the scarring, however since the... READ MORE

Is There Any Laser Safe for Treating Wrinkles As I Suffer from Dry Eye?

I had lower blepharoplasty over a year ago and since then I have suffered from dry eye. I really want laser done to help eliminate the scars from the surgery and improve... READ MORE

Risks to Having Laser Treatment When I Have Dry Eyes?

Risks for Laser Around the Eyes for Wrinkles when I Have Dry Eye? Which would be the best laser to use to minimize the risks? READ MORE

Is Rhinoplasty Complicated Greatly After Prior Septoplasty?

I want to get the bump taken out of the bridge of my nose, however, if the top of the nose is slimmer, I feel it may need reshaped a little at the bottom. I had septoplasty... READ MORE

Gash Under Eye After Blepharoplasty: It Best to Excise and Resuture Scar or Laser?

After lower blepharoplasty during the post-op, in a state of anxiety I dabbed(stupid)briefly boiled water to stop infection. Anyway, one side has healed very well, however, I... READ MORE

Scars Where Stitching Has Loosened After Blepharoplasty is my Best Option Laser or Scar Revision??

The scars from the incision lines seem wide. I had the operation over 18 months ago. Is it possible to have the scar line removed and resutured. I'm aware scar revision can... READ MORE

My Skin is Very Red and Patchy on my Face Would IPL or Laser Resurfacing Be Best Option?

My complexion is very uneven and it makes me look unhealthy. How effective is IPL and how long do the results last? I also have bad acne scars and lines around my eyes. I am... READ MORE

Can Anything Be Done to Reduce Tightness After Lower Blepharoplasty Nearly 2 Years Ago?

My skin below and around the eyes constantly feels tight with the movement restricted. Is there any surgical procedures, lasers, treatments or products that would help me with... READ MORE

Is There a Danger of Noticable Changes in Pigmentation if Different Lasers Are Used for Different Parts of the Face?

I am going to get laser resurfacing with fraxel for around my eyes. At a later point I am going to get the rest of my face done. If it is done by a different laser, will this... READ MORE

After Lower Blepharoplasty a Year Ago, Have Tightness, Dry Eyes, Untidy Stitches - Options?

I wanted to try and improve the cosmetic appearance and the scars from the stiches. However, my surgeon has advised that it is too risky for laser or scar revision (as there is... READ MORE

I Have Dry Eye After Lower Blepharoplasty, is Laser Resurfacing for Wrinkles Too Risky?

There seems to be a lot more lasers nowadays with technology constantly improving. Does anyone know of any laser which is suitable for treating wrinkles for patients who suffer... READ MORE

How Do I Find out Who Are Considered the Very Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons in the Uk?

I want to correct a bump on the bridge and make the tip of the nose more defined. In the past I have had septoplasty to improve the breathing which didn't work, in fact it... READ MORE

Any Specific Lasers That Are Safer to Use with Extremely Sensitive Skin (Burnt?) Under the Eyes?

I want to get laser resurfacing around my eyes for wrinkles, however, I have already had lower blepharoplasty and my skin feels very sensitive and tingles. I also had a very... READ MORE

Are Fraxel and IPL Better to Be Done Together or Seperate?

I have 2 problems. Firstly my skin looks red and the pigmentation is patchy. I also have wrinkles and scars I want to try and improve. Can IPL and fraxel be done seperately... READ MORE

I Want to Get IPL to Help Lessen Redness, Will It Stop Me From Growing a Beard?

I want to improve the pigmenation of my skin and have a more even tone, however, I am aware IPL is also used for hair removal. Will it make my stubble patchy or prevent me from... READ MORE

Does the Fraxel Dual Improve Pigmenation As Well As Improving Scars and Wrinkles?

I am looking for a laser that improves acne scars, but also improves the pigmenation as I think I have rosacea. I realise that IPL helps even the tone and fraxel helps with... READ MORE

Any Product That a Plastic Surgeon or Burn Specialist Can Recommend to Reduce Tightness Of Eyelid Injury?

I had lower blepharoplasty 2 years ago. During recovery period in a state of anxiety I applied boiled (not cooled) salty water very briefly on the sutures. Ever since the skin... READ MORE

Can the Sauna After IPl Damage the Skin? Is There Any Gel, Cream or Product to Reduce Redness?

I had my third IPL on Friday and have been very happy with the results up until then. I left it a few days and then had a sauna on the Monday. I seem to be a lot redder, is... READ MORE

Which Laser is Best for Improving Acne Scars, Wrinkles and Reducing Redness and Patchy Skin?

I have had IPL but did not find much improvement in the pigmentation. Which laser would be best for acne scars, wrinkles and to give a more even pigmentation that reduces... READ MORE

Can Scar Revision Be Done to a Scar That is 2 Years Old After Lower Blepharoplsty?

When I had lower blepharoplasty I was unhappy with a scar under one eye that looks very untidy. Can I get scar revision as I have also developed dry eye since the operation.... READ MORE

Would Fraxel or Any Other Laser Be Helpful to Reduce Mild Burn Scar Under Eye?

I have a mild burn scar from boiled water under the eye with a very slight change in pigmentation and indentation going up to just under the eyelash. Would fraxel help even out... READ MORE

Can You Get Fraxel Laser During the Summer?

I have been told its better to get fraxel during the winter months, but was wondering if its possible to get it done during the summer. Does it make much difference risk wise?... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Help Scars from a Bad Reaction to IPL That I Got Very Recently?

I had a course of IPL and after the 3rd treatment 3 weeks ago when the level was turned up afterwards I have red indentations all over my cheeks and my pores are a lot larger.... READ MORE

I Have Rocasea and Had Ipl, However, my Skin is Sensitive and the Treatment Scarred Me. Would Fraxel or Co2 Lasers Help?

Years ago I had 2 chemical peels and my skin was fine with them, although ultimately I just looked fresher for a week or two. I have been told the lasers go deeper? However, do... READ MORE

IPL Treats Rosacea and Fraxel Treats Wrinkles and Acne Scars, What is the Best Laser to Treat Both?

I have had IPL in the past and fraxel, however, it would be more cost effective and less time consuming if anyone knew of any specific laser that would idealy improve acne... READ MORE

Is It Better to Have Fraxel or Restylane First?

Does it make any difference which way to get the better results? As I thought if you got the laser first the skin may be ultra-sensitive to injections? READ MORE

I Had my Teeth Whitened with Bleaching Gel from my Dentist, Above the Crown my Gum Has Gone Black Can This Be Corrected Easily?

The gel from my dentist worked very well and my teeth are much whiter, however, I don't know why but my gum is darker above the crown now, what can I do as it is ruining the... READ MORE

Can I Get Restalyne Now and Have Fraxel to my Face a Few Months Later?

I have been told its better to get fraxel first and then restalyne a few weeks later, however, I don't want to get fraxel until the winter months around October, if I got... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Help Skin Damage Caused by Sauna After Ipl?

I had 3 IPL a few weeks apart and the first two times the results were very good, however, after the 3rd treatment I had a sauna 2 days after. After that mys skin noticably... READ MORE

Can One Treatment of Fraxel Still Be Effective and Will Medication Affect the Results?

All the literature suggests a few sessions weeks apart, but would I still get very good results for a smoother complexion (acne scars) from one session or if I had the second 3... READ MORE