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Yes I do - but I use the moisture drops and I find taking a washcloth with warm water and laying that over the eyes does help. Also - I take Krill oil and have for some time - fish oil also helps. READ COMMENT

I had mine done 4 weeks ago - I just had pain meds in my IV that the anesthesiologist administered with the oxygen. No pain - didn't feel anything other than when the surgeon was stitching at the outer corner. He did a "tuck" to... READ COMMENT

Also - what is best to use for ice packs??? TY READ COMMENT

Thanks - I do eed encouragement - and reading these posts have helped me. At least now I know what to expect. My surgeon is great - but I question if they tell it all. READ COMMENT

I am so happy to see this - I will be 70 on the 19th and the 22nd I go for surgery. I feel confident with my surgeon - but still???????? I to have that fear of not waking up from anesthesia but he said I would be "under" for about 15... READ COMMENT