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I had swelling for the first 3 weeks and it mostly went away after that. I have been very lucky in that I didn't really get any swelling. READ COMMENT

So I went back for a second treatment of Fraxel Restore on my TT scar. 1 1/2 hrs before the treatment I lathered on a thick layer of LMX4 topical anesthetic cream - it's 4% Lignocaine cream and then I covered it with cling wrap and... READ COMMENT

Yeah, I had muscle repair as well so your waist is really pulled in, it gives a much better shape - like the girl in the main TT photo you can see that her waist has been 'pulled in tight'. That's part of the surgery, also your saggy... READ COMMENT

You need to keep your compression garment on 24/7 for the first 4 - 8 weeks. I think that after 4 weeks you can probably just wear it during the day or during exercise. You need to drink lots of water and have a low salt diet. Also... READ COMMENT

Hi Nina, I started driving at 10 days PO but only very short distances. READ COMMENT