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Questions from rhino90

Nasolabial angle too high for a male should my tip not drop? (photo)

Hi, had open rhinoplasty 13 days ago. Slight hump removed, tip-deprojection, minor tip refinement and tip-elevation. My tip hasn't really dropped since cast removal though... READ MORE

Has my nose been too feminized? 4 month post-up and unhappy. Tip and supratip still very stiff and swollen.

I had a masculine roman nose and was for the most content and pleased with it, but wished for a straight dorsum, slight tip refinement and deprojection. I stressed NO... READ MORE

How to tell if cartilage can be taken from septum to rebuild dorsum.

Hi, had rhinoplasty 8 months. I feel my bridge has been over resected/too scooped. I am a young caucasian male. I am thinking of possible revision at the 12-18 months mark to... READ MORE

Considerations for bridge augmentation

Underwent rhinoplasty 13 months ago to deproject and refine the tip and remove a hump. I am, overall, pleased with my nose but the bridge has turned out on the concave side. I... READ MORE

FUE or FUT? (photos

26 year old male. Want to add density to existing frontal-middle hairline and also lower my temples. Deciding which method is best for me. Recovery time, money and pain are not... READ MORE

700-900 grafts enough? (photos)

Clinics estimate 1500 to 3200 grafts. For me, this is insane! I wish for temple lowering and slight hairline reinforcement. Right temple lowering = 0,5 cm (0.2 inches) Left... READ MORE

Is this donor area representative after FUE? (photos)

Planning a small FUE next year (800-1200 grafts). I am a norwood 2 or even 1? I've always had a large forehead (see pic). Late teens I saw maturing/temple recession. No change... READ MORE

Silk pillowcase for postoperative care?

I am scheduled for a hair transplant in late November. I want to optimize my post-op care as much as possible. I have already done a thorough search in terms of supplements,... READ MORE

Options for 2nd rhinoplasty revision? I really desire a strong, straight or slight convex nose. (photos)

A primary open rhinoplasty in 2013 left my nose scooped out. My nose lacked masculinity and projection in 3/4 and full profile. A revision in 2015 with the same doc. (using... READ MORE

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Upturned/obtuse/piggy nose reassurance!!!

Okay guys and girls, so I've read A LOT of doctor's answers in here regarding the dreaded piggy look after a rhinoplasty! All the doctors reply it's too early to make... READ MORE

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So it's now been 13 months since my surgery. To those of the you who may read this because your nose is upturned let me say that patience is key. My nose dropped in appearance for almost a good year!!! And almost took a full year for... READ COMMENT

Oh and in terms of supplements, it seems that Arnica and Bromelain are mentioned the most.. I remember reading you have to start x amount of weeks (prob. 2 weeks prior to surgery) before surgery and continue no more than x amount of... READ COMMENT

Yes, discuss it with your surgeon.. But I think that if your tip is already somewhat low or droopy, reducing a dorsal hump will visually make it appear more droopy, so you may need it for an overall good outcome! No he just mentioned... READ COMMENT

Hi Elle, I still haven't figured out about the photos :/ But I think photos at this stage would be pointless anyways, since VERY little has happened.. I see changes for sure, but ever so small. I've actually just got home from my... READ COMMENT

Little update: I'm at my two month mark and really feeling a difference in healing and starting to appreciate the results so far. In the past couple of weeks, from around week 5-8, my nose has become less hard, columella less numb,... READ COMMENT