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I can't wait to have my surgery by dr. schulman I'm so excited but scared at the same time. I guess it's just the thought of having surgery, I am confident that dr. schulman will give me the look that I want. after doing my research on him he is a board certified plastic surgeon and his work... READ MORE

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New surgery called a combituck, which Is a full tummy tuck with advanced liposuction of the front and back of the body.

This surgery is done under local anesthesia twilight & tumescent and IV sedation, without the use of a ventilator machine is that even safe? what web site can I search for a... READ MORE

5'7, 200lbs and planning to have BBL with liposuction to the upper and lower abdomen: Will I drop in dress sizes post-op?

I plan to have a BBL with liposuction to my upper and lower abdomen.. I'm 5'7'' and 200lbs and I fit a size 16, all of my weight is really in my stomach and back area. I know... READ MORE

5'7'' 200lbs. 33 yr. old I would like to know if this size is realistic after my BBL surgery? (photos)

I'm 33 yrs. old i'm 5'7'' tall and I weight 200lbs. I would like to know if my photo shopped picture of me is a realistic goal after having a BBL surgery with liposuction to my... READ MORE

My weight is 200 lbs, what are the risks under general anesthesia?

I have been dieting but I seem to say at 200lbs. I don't gain weight or lose it either. I would like to lose 20 to 25 lbs. before my BBL of course more is better. but I would... READ MORE

How many cc do you think I can get in each cheek? I just want a hour glass shape with a normal size butt. (Photo)

I'm 5'7 & 188 lbs I lost 19 lbs. Do I need to loose more weight? & how many cc's do you recommend for a nice normal but noticeable butt? Can I get a hour glass shape? READ MORE

What to take to get hemoglobin to a12+ level prior Brazilian Butt Lift surgery?

OK so why do the hemoglobin has to be above level 12 to have a bbl? And what should you take and how long should you take it to get levels above 12 prior to bbl Sx??? READ MORE

Is it safe to have Bbl & TT surgery together, under an epidural block with sedation?

Is it safe to have a BBL & TT togetherand under a epidural block with a pill for sedation to sleep? What are the risk if any? & what are the advantages if any? i was... READ MORE

How do you know if your health for surgery?

Hi I'm looking to have Liposuction/ Liposculpting and fat grafting surgery real soon I don't have any serious health issues at all last check up my iron was 11.2 so... READ MORE

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Thanks doll READ COMMENT

Thanks babe being scared is normal u especially going to get scared the last 30 days when it's crunch time that's how I was I really didn't need all the stuff I bought just sun dresses and my meds and vitamins lots of water I mean a lot... READ COMMENT

All the time! Yes Hun. My weight is still the same it amaze me because it's like just two months ago at the same weight I looked a hot ass mess lol READ COMMENT

Thanks doll READ COMMENT

Thanks honey READ COMMENT