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I look EXACTLY THE SAME 2 weeks post tip plasty and alarplasty. Why does it still looks bulbous?

While I understand that the doctor has done alarplasty for me (and indeed the width looks slightly reduced), for the nose tip, it still looks bulbous or more bulbous than... READ MORE

Sutures inside nose appearing at nostrils! Help?!

Hi I did open tip plasty and alarplasty about 2.5 weeks ago and as I was using Q tip to dig a boogie earlier, I saw two threads (the sutures) coming out as well. I was so... READ MORE

Profile view (bump on nose tip) after tip plasty and alarplasty?

Hi there, I did tip plasty and alarplasty (without augmenting my bridge, even though I do not have a tall nose bridge). 2.5 weeks later, I notice my profile still has a bump on... READ MORE

Breathing through mouth 3 weeks after tip plasty & alarplasty, is it normal?

I find myself breathing many times through my mouth even though it has been 3 weeks after tip plasty and alarplasty. I find my nose blocked - perhaps with mucus or whatever,... READ MORE

Hardened things stuck to both edges of nostrils nearest to middle part of nose

It's been 4 weeks post op.I can still see some threads stuck to the edge of my nostrils. Also, there are some hardened things stuck to both edges of nostrils (nearest to middle... READ MORE

Pain directly BELOW nose 10 weeks after rhinoplasty. Is this normal?

Hi there, I was recovering well from rhinoplasty 10 weeks ago. Initially, there were pain and stiffness. But the pain and stiffness largely went away. But 10 weeks later,... READ MORE