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Can Restylane injections under eyes cause red swollen itchy eyes lingering into Day 12?

I am very concerned about what appears to be a bad reaction to this filler. Both eyes are inflamed, bloodshot and irritated. Also have tender red & hard nodules under eyes.... READ MORE

Should I have Restylane dissolved or will eye nodules, swelling and irritation resolve itself in time?

5 weeks ago, had 1 syringe of Restylane on each side, PS wants to do more Restylane to even out areas. I have had ongoing reactions just below lower eyelids with inflammation... READ MORE

Should I have restylane dissolved or let it dissolve on it's own in time?

 I have had 6 weeks of swelling and inflamed eyes after Restylane, now subsiding, but am left with lumpyness at outer eye corners and hard little bumps below lower eyelids... READ MORE

Will Panniculectomy address loose rippley abdominal skin for a thin person with very little fat in that area?

I am a fit and slender, 5' 8", 130 lbs so don't have fat to lose but have extra loose skin in lower abdomen mostly, some in upper abs. I had liposuction in the early days, 550... READ MORE

Have had 2 Vanquish sessions and do not see any results at all yet. Is it normal?

Drinking 8 glasses of water/day, have not changed my routine at all. I am older, 64 years old but trim, fit and exercise 1 1/2 hours daily, have been doing that for some... READ MORE