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Ulthera Ruined my Face - Albuquerque, NM

I had a re do of ulthera because I lost weight and the good effect on lower face / upper neck. I had HORRIBLE results!! melted the fat on one side of my face! now I look lopsided and worse than before! I am during Ideal Image in Albuquerque in civil court! DON'T do this procedure!! and yes I go in for 6 month pics next week and I WILL post them!! the most I am able to get in this state is... READ MORE

I Just Had my First of 6 Refirme Treatments - Albuquerque, NM

What motivated me was I am really feeling bad about my appearance since I noticed this like turkey wattle under my chin last year. also my jowls were a little looser. I have had a mini-lift 4 years ago and it seems to be wearing out. Since I do not have the money for another facelift. I opted for Refirme ST. I did quite a bit of research on RF skin firming and all seemed pretty good. Well I... READ MORE

Questions from watkins1

I lost 12 lbs 2 months after my ultherapy treatment. will this ruin the result permanently?

I have no photos, but I am hoping because it was only 2- 21/2 post ulthera that it will get back to the GOOD result I had at the 2 month mark. now my under chin sag is back... READ MORE

Are at-home 3MHZ ultherapy machines that penetrate to 4.5 cm effective?

I am considering purchasing the above mentions unit from the orient. it penetrate 4.5 cm, is 3 MHZ in power .I realize not as strong as the REAL thing! but would it BE... READ MORE

Does a 1.5 transducer treat laxity from weight loss and cause welts?

I was getting a retouch to lower face this is the area sje yreayed with only the 1.5 after weight loss.i have no photos. Bit I have researched the procedures an never heard of... READ MORE

Does 1.5 transducer really used to treat laxity post weight loss?

I got my lower face/chin/ upper neck 6 months ago at Ideal Image med spa. I was had FANTASTIC results post 2 1/2 months. caught an entera-virus at work (I'm an RT) ,lost 15... READ MORE

Is it possible to see positive changes from ulthera after a month, and then have them disappear?

I have had ulthera performed to lower face before and had excellent results after a month and a half lost 16 pounds due to illness and lost the result so I was very careful... READ MORE

I had ulthera 7 months ago now I look worse! it seems to have melted the fat on one side of my face how can this be corrected?

I had ulthera performed a second time to the lower face/ upper neck 7 months ago. I now look WORSE . the procedure seems to have melted the fat on the right side of my face.... READ MORE

Is it unsafe to get Voluma injections 7 years after a mini-lift?

I paid for 2 syringes of Voluma XC at at ideal image. I filled out there med Hx when I returned for the actual injections, they said I was a candidate for the injections... READ MORE

Can your skin really be too thin to use the 3c ulthera head?

Hello I just had an ultherapy treatment to l face and submentum. They PA who performed it said my skin was too thin to use any deeper than 2.5 head. She did show what I assume... READ MORE

I had a mid/lower face lift Dec 15th 2016. It looked great for 2 months or less, now I look like nothing was done!

I paid a well known Abq Surgeon for a mid/ lower lift, after all swelling went away, there is no difference! I am not the only one who notices either! My daughters and everyone... READ MORE

Recent comments from watkins1

Sounds to me like another ultherapy like disaster waiting to happen! I had ultherapy performed on lower face/ submem, more " treat shots. "/to R side, now I have almost no fat on R side of my face, yeah I am sueing READ COMMENT

Yes I will talk I had dramatic fat loss on the right side of my face, where the nurse gave me some extra shots to firm up my area of concern, have had a mid/ lower facelift, still have sunken look on right side after swelling went... READ COMMENT

I have had the exact same experience!! Definitely get your filler done! I had a mid J lift and when the swelling went down, I STILL need filler on right side of my face? I am suing Ideal Image, where I suffered the fat loss!! You should... READ COMMENT

How Mich is it and where is it available? Thanks! READ COMMENT

Thanks! Happy for you, though! I how ever am not rich enough to get it redone elsewhere, so guess I'm just screwed as usual! God bless READ COMMENT