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Open Rhinoplasty -United Kingdom, GB

Hello everyone! I broke my nose when I was a kid by smashing my face off a pavement! I hated my nose ever since, it has been the source of a lot of my insecurity growing up and I was teased about it relentlessly by my peers, boyfriends, my family...everyone! I finally decided it was time to get my broken nose fixed and also to sort out the fact that I couldn't breathe properly from one... READ MORE

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Will my nose shrink back down to how it was following cast removal? (open rhinoplasty)

Two days ago I had my cast removed following open rhinoplasty! I had a bump removed from my nose and quite a bit of tip work where my doctor made my square/bulbous tip more... READ MORE

Is the raised area on the right side of my nose swelling or is it a permanent bump? (photo)

I had open rhinoplasty four weeks ago. When the cast was removed I adored my nose, shortly after my nose started to swell. I am concerned about the right side of my nose, I... READ MORE

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Hey babe, did you travel by yourself? I'm unsure whether I should bring someone or go alone. If you did go alone, how was it by yourself? Manageable? X READ COMMENT

Thank you! and thanks for the link, was very reassuring! :) READ COMMENT

It has subsided somewhat, still some swelling in my supra alar crease mostly, where I know my surgeon rasped it! hoping it goes down soon! :) READ COMMENT

Thanks so much for your advice! :) READ COMMENT

Your nose looks gorgeous! I loved my nose when I had my cast taken off, it was exactly what I wanted! Then, it started to swell and swell and it hasn't stopped since! :( Now my nose looks so much less defined, I am praying it's just... READ COMMENT