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Can pressing on your nose PERMANENTLY damage it?

I thought cartilage was flexible so lately I've been pressing on my nose, trying to flatten the LITTLE bony bump. I thought it might work. But ever since I started pressing it... READ MORE

It's really hard to breathe through my nose. What procedure would you recommend?

It's really hard to breathe through my nose. I've gone to 3 ENTS and both said my airways were clear and that I didn't need a septoplasty. They said it must just be "allergies"... READ MORE

What causes trouble breathing BESIDES a deviated septum?

I've had such a hard time breathing though my nose after a few cases of light trauma. it's truly ruining my life and i just want to be able to breathe freely again. my nose was... READ MORE

My doctor said that my nasal obstruction was "untreatable." Is this true?

I have a nice shaped nose. I've had trauma, but it still looks perfect on the outside. But it's really hard to breathe out of. I've gone to 3 ENT'S and they all said that my... READ MORE

I HATED the hump on the bridge of my nose. Can you change the shape of your nose without surgery?

I HATED the hump on the bridge of my nose. I would spend hours each day trying to flatten it by pressing on my fingers. I 100% regret pressing on it, but I just wanted it to be... READ MORE

Why won't insurance cover my nose job (it's for breathing problems)?

My right nostril is ALWAYS blocked. 24/7. It drives me ABSOLUTELY insane and I have lost my quality of life. I went to an ENT and he said I have a "slight deviated septum to... READ MORE

What will happen if someone constantly presses on their nose bump?

I had a nasal hump. And some psychological issues. I would just look in the mirror and HATE the hump. Obviously I was only 16 I couldn't get surgery. So I just kept pressing on... READ MORE

Does a hump on the nose grow during puberty?

As a kid I always had a small and cute nose. I'm looking at pictures of my nose when I was 10, and it looks small, perfect, and straight. Now my nose is significantly bigger... READ MORE

Why does my nose look good from the front but bad from the side?

Hi my nose looks good from the front but really bad/bumpy/crooked from oblique/certain angles and the side view. It looks straight and small in the front but droopy and even a... READ MORE

Are smaller noses harder to breathe out of?

Well it seems if you have a smaller/narrower nose there would be less room to breathe, especially if you have a deviated septum so i was just wondering if smaller noses are... READ MORE

According to doctors I don't have a deviated septum. What is it called when cartilage is blocking my airway?

I don't have a deviated septum, according to 3ENTS. Yet still, I have this fixed blockage ALWAYS on the right side of my nose. When I sniff it gets better for a second, but it... READ MORE

I've been told I have an S-shaped deviated septum, is this serious?

I have had light trauma to my nose in my teen years, but always had perfect breathing as a kid. Now it's really hard to breathe out of my nose. Usually only the right side. But... READ MORE

Why aren't nasal sprays doing anything to help my breathing (deviated septum)?

I have an S shaped septum and my right nostril is blocked 24/7. It REALLY bothers me, feeling like I'm not getting enough air, and breathing poorly. I have no energy. But my... READ MORE

Why won't a deviated septum heal itself? Could I get it back to the middle by pushing on it?

Well I got an injury and now the cartilage in my nose is blocking one side. I thought cartilage has memory and wants to keep its original shape. Yet for almost a year my right... READ MORE

Can I fix a deviated septum by punching myself in the nose?

My septum is deviated to the right and blocks my right nostril. If I punch the right side of my nose will it move back to the middle? Serious question, because I'd rather do... READ MORE

Will my nose fix itself eventually (after trauma) or do I need surgery?

I had body dysmorphia and pressed on the hump of my nose for years. Now i have lots of trouble breathing. and the inside of my nose feels crushed. but i never broke my nose.... READ MORE

Is there a such thing as "laser septoplasty"?

I've been doing some research. I have a consistent blocked right nostril, in fact I can feel the cartilage blocking it. The idea of having my nose cut up and sewn back together... READ MORE

Will I be able to breathe like a normal person if I get a nose job?

I need to get a septoplasty. I used to have perfect breathing. However I injured my nose. Is it possible to get my breathing back just as good as it was before? I just feel... READ MORE

Can a surgeon REFUSE to fix my nose?

I have a slight deviated septum...but for me it causes this annoying blockage. Right nostril is 24/7 about 50% blocked. But my doctor said he wouldn't do surgery for me....he... READ MORE

How do I fix my breathing problems without changing the shape of the nose?

Help I have been looking at septoplasty pictures (before and after)....and the nose looks BIGGER AND WIDER in most all the after pictures. I have a really small cute thin nose,... READ MORE

Why is my nose always stuffed up after breaking it?

Hi my nose is always stuffed up. I NEVER had problems breathing before I broke it. But after I broke it the doctors said I don't have a deviated septum. And I went recently to... READ MORE

Is a Septoplasty considered a "nose job"?

I might need a septoplasty. Is this like getting a nose job? Will my nose ever be the same again? I just want the nose I was born with back, but I feel like it will never be... READ MORE

Are there any long-term effects of living with a stuffy nose?

I had trauma to my nose about a year ago. Ever since then, my nose feels crumpled on the inside and its really stuffy and hard and just generally NOT easy to breathe out of. I... READ MORE

Is septoplasty a "serious surgery"?

I've never had surgery before but would like to be able to breathe freely. I'm getting a simple septoplasty. Is this surgery "a quick fix" and I will be able to breathe in a... READ MORE

Is cartilage removed or repositioned during a Septoplasty?

My cartilage blocks my right airway. I think I would rather have it straightened and pushed back to the middle instead of having it removed, because removing it is not natural... READ MORE

Will a Septoplasty straighten a nose bump?

My daughter has a hump on the bridge of her nose that really bothers her. She has been pressing on it trying to flatten it........but I guess she deformed the cartilage because... READ MORE

Does rhinoplasty cause allergies?

I have heard that a rhinoplasty increases disposition to atmospheric allergies because of the great trauma experienced to the inner nasal cavity lining. BE HONEST SURGEONS. Is... READ MORE

Can I do a nose job under local anesthesia?

I have a HUGE fear of being put under. However, I've been told that I might need a simple septoplasty procedure to fix my breathing out of my right nostril. There is no... READ MORE

Will septoplasty cause the tip of my nose to drop as a I get older?

I have a really nice nose and I don't want the tip of it to droop when I get older. If the septoplasty is not performed perfectly, is there a chance the tip of my... READ MORE

Broke my nose, really miss my old breathing, is it possible to get it how it was before?

I broke my nose and feel hopeless. This is not a common injury it usually happens to tough athletic males who probably dont care if they can breathe or not. For me I cannot... READ MORE

Does a deviated septum get better or worse over time?

I had light trauma to my nose, but the doctor said it wasn't broken. However, my right nostril is always blocked now and the left is not so smooth either. It's been months and... READ MORE

What can fix my breathing problems without surgery?

I always have trouble breathing through my nose because of a deviated septum. I don't really think septoplasty is an option though. I feel like it is bound to almost things... READ MORE