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White scars from laser, why?

I had Palomar erbium non ablative fractional laser 6 months ago and I am left with white fine slightly raised scars, a dent in middle of forehead by hairline(widows peak area)... READ MORE

Skin texture awful after non ablative fractional laser I'm so depressed?

I have already been informed by a doctor on this site that white lines over the face is most probably due to being treated too aggressively and settings were too high. Would... READ MORE

Does laser permanently damage and alter your skin?

What causes the orange peel texture when you've had laser? is it being treated too aggressively? shallow scarring,lines from laser head,grid texture also please help why has... READ MORE

Filler to outer lip line left me with blue tinted lips and it's lumpy 4years after

Hi I had restylane injected to my upper and lower lips jut around the soon as he'd done it I noticed it was like a white lump all round the edge almost like a... READ MORE

Can you have hair loss from fractional lasers?

Can the palomar emerge 1410 wavelength damage hair follicles? I have scarring along my hairline and into my hairline from the laser head and my hair has gone very thin in these... READ MORE

Can the palomar emerge 1410 laser cause fat loss, damage hair follicles and create millions of micros holes and scars in skin

I seem to have fat loss,holes all over skin laser head scars redness and dents after Emerge non ablative 1410nm laser. 4 treatments highest setting being level 5 on last... READ MORE

Loss of volume after laser?

Can a 1410 wavelength fractional diode non ablative laser cause fat loss and scarring. Also have bad skin texture and a mass of pinholes still 15mths after. READ MORE

Was my fat loss in cheeks caused by palomar emerge fractional laser?

My cheeks have sunken in after 4 laser treatments 1410 wavelength . Does this wavelength go into the fat layer? Level 5 highest setting was used READ MORE

Best treatment for laser damage?

Its been 19months scince i had fractional laser treatment. My skin is ruined. Scars dents pinholes from the laser. A doctor has suggested sculptra will this help does it work READ MORE

I have pinholes 19 months after Fractional laser. Any suggestions?

19 months after fractionsl laser i still have pinholes all over my chin,one cheek and forehead. Im using Dr Aspect exfol a serum and have had 6 microdermabrasions in total with... READ MORE

Will the Dermapen help repair my damaged skin after fractional laser?

I had 4 laser treatments 2 weeks apart last one on highest level,level 5 it was the Palomar emerge non ablative laser. 19 months on still have scars/dents, pinholes in a grid... READ MORE

How deep is 1410 nm?

I had 4 fractional laser treatments with a 1410nm diode laser machine. My one cheek has lost volume it feels like my fat pad has gone i can feel my cheek bone could the thermal... READ MORE

Is it safe to have fractional laser treatment every 2 weeks?

I had 4 non ablative fractional laser treatments each one was 2 weeks apart which was recommended by the clinic. Except the 4th which was 4 weeks after the 3rd. I have terrible... READ MORE

Can Hair follicles on the scalp be killed by a Fractional laser?

I've asked this before on here and was told no it can't happen. I have hair missing along my hair line which I noticed a few weeks after I had my 4th fractional laser, it was... READ MORE

Can yellow and red led light therapy repair and improve damage from fractional laser?

I have been recommended yellow led followed by red led treatment and dermapen treatment to correct damage caused by fractional laser which consists of pinhole scars rough... READ MORE

Will dermapen help laser damage

I have pinhole griding left after fractional laser 20 mths ago i have been recommended dermapen to correct this. Will it work? Could it cause more problems READ MORE

Why do fractional lasers leave pinhole scars in skin? Is it the machine or the person treating?

Why does this happen I've been scarred and it's been almost 2 years Scince I was treated with no improvement. Seen numerous dermatologists a plastic surgeon numerous docs no... READ MORE

Loss of hair after Fractional laser. Is this normal?

2 yrs ago i had fractional laser with Palomar Emerge 1410. Which is a diode laser. The consent form i signed says coinsidental hair removal which can grow back thinner thicker... READ MORE

Is it ok to have derma rolling with mild rosacea?

Im booked in to have dermarolling with a nurse who is very experienced to treat laser scars. I just need to know that this treatment wont make the rosacea worse. It is mild. ..... READ MORE

Burning, numbness, pins and needles on scalp and face. This started after Botox

I have a burning,numbness pins and needles sensation which is along the left side of my scalp front to back,left eye cheek and into my jaw. This started a year ago after Botox... READ MORE

Does led light therapy and Dermapen really work?

IVe just had my first of 6 led therapy treatments which was the White light therapy to prepare my skin for Dermapen. They recommended 3 white treatments and 3 red treatments.... READ MORE

My skin was not cooled after laser, can this cause problems?

On my 4th laser treatment I was treated on the highest level level 5 palomar Emerge fractional laser 1410nm. I have scars (white thickened lines the shape of the laser head)... READ MORE

Laser causes bad texture scarring and long term damage, why?????

Please can a doc,Derm plastic surgeon give a straight forward answer why the pinholes scars dents fat loss etc etc happen to thousands of people and ruin lives like me. And... READ MORE

Will Dermapen help with scars from Fractional Laser?

I have just had a course of 3 Dermapen treatments to correct damage from Fractional laser(scars,pinholes). And 3 led light treatments spread out every 6 weeks. When and will... READ MORE

Why hasn't my Dermapen treatment made a difference?

I have completed a course of 3 Dermapen treatments. Last one was 5 weeks ago and havnt had any noticeable improvement. It was to treat pinhole scars from a 1410 nm fractional... READ MORE

If you are treated with the laser head in the same spot (stacking) will this cause fat loss and damage?

I was treated with the Emerge 1410 Palomar laser .The girl on all 4 treatments stacked the laser over a scar i have and i have volume loss and really bad pinhole grid patterns... READ MORE

Is it safe for me to use a 1.5mm Derma Roller?

I have just purchased a Dr Roller dermaroller 1.5mm and plan to use it once a month to treat some pinhole scarring from a laser treatment i had 3 years ago. I have just had a... READ MORE

Can inflammation from fractional lasers kill hair follicles?

Ive been told the heat from a laser won't kill hair follicles and have been told the laser itself won't kill hair follicles because it dosnt reach the hair bulb but what about... READ MORE

Grid pattern still in skin 3 years after laser?

Its been 3 years now scince i had fractional laser and i still have the grid pattern punched in my skin and also white thickened skin in wierd patterns which i believe is scar... READ MORE

Tyndall effect 6 years after lips were injected. Any suggestions? (photo)

I had the border of my upper and lower lips injected with restylane nearly 6 years ago and I have the Tyndall effect still. I did go to see a doctor regarding this who... READ MORE

Will the Environ DF machine correct laser damage if used with Environ creams and serums?

I had a fractional laser treatment 3 years ago 4 altogether. I have been left with the grid pattern in my skin and white thickened skin where they caused damage to the dermal... READ MORE

Can heat damage the skin?

I've read that heat can cause DNA and collagen damage, cause blood vessels to grow and become bigger and thin the skin. This deeply concerns me when I've had Fractional laser... READ MORE

Grid pattern hypopigmentation visible capillaries and irregularities in the skin. What can I do?

3 and a half years ago i had emerge frac laser 4 treatments in total. It has already beeb confirmed to me that i was over treated and i have thermal damage. Ive had 7 skin... READ MORE

Hair loss from a 1410nm fractional laser, could stacking the laser have caused this?

Scince having laser I have got hair missing along and into my hairline. The girl treating me kept stacking the laser in the same area. Although the laser is only supposed to go... READ MORE

Is dermapen going to correct scarring and grid pattern in my skin from laser?

I've now had 8 needling treatments throughout this year2016) 5 dermapen and 3 dermaroller 2mm. Using vit A vit C antioxidant serums sunscreen everyday. Can still see the... READ MORE

Steven Wallace NY plastic surgeon said some lasers if not used properly can cause fat loss. How can lasers cause fat loss?

I have lost a ridiculous amount of volume in my face since laser 3 years ago. I started noticing the sudden loss after the swelling went down and it's got worse. I also have... READ MORE

Why am I not seeing improvement after 8 skin needling treatments? Would growth factor serums help?

My skin was really damaged from 4 Palomar Emerge fractional laser treatments. Scars hypo pigmentation and pinholes. In masses from the laser. After 5 dermapen and 3 dermaroller... READ MORE

Dermapen or Derma Roller, trying to treat laser damage and seeing no results. What's the better device?

I am frustrated because I've read that dermaroller causes micro tearing and then read its Dermapen that does that. It's like the manufacturers of theses devices are attacking... READ MORE

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Bad experience with laser

It's been 6 months scince I had palomar erbium non ablative fractional laser, my skin is awful grid marks still,scarring in the skin, white raised swirly lines I am devastated... READ MORE

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What exactly are you experiencing. Is it still the burning sensation. Some days mine was worse than others throughout the 4 month period. It was a gradual process of it getting less and less with the odd time it seeming bad. It will go... READ COMMENT

No not yet I'll have to save up for it first. I've red skin needling with radio frequency is supposed to be great too. This was suggested to me by a doctor so I'm also looking into that READ COMMENT

It took about 4 months for it to be back to normal. Don't panic it will wear off it was my 3rd time having it done READ COMMENT

Thankyou for that I'm definatley going to try PRP with dermapen Happy New Year READ COMMENT

It's fine now. It seemed once the Botox wore off they got better. I have never had Botox since and never will either. I had pins and needles and a numb sensation all down the side of my face too. I went to a dermatologist who said the... READ COMMENT