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BBL with Cabral

I have been emailing her for the past 5 months and the only response I've gotten was to send over my stats and photos. I sent them several times and I really want to get my BBL done by her by this summer. But I still haven't gotten a quote. I'm not extremely thin but I do have fat she can use. I just wish she'd let me know if I'm a good candidate or not! I'm 5'4 145 lbs with an okay figure but... READ MORE

Questions from Pinkandstarbucks

Will my shape be affected if I lose weight after a Brazilian butt lift?

My weight tends to go up and down. I'm curious if the shape will still be proportional if I lose weight. READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for BBL if my fat is loose?

I have measurements of 36-27-39, but i would like a more contoured body with a nice waist-hip ratio. however, i feel like if i was to have this procedure done, my body wouldn't... READ MORE

I have Liposuction scheduled in 3 weeks and I smoked a little marijuana today. What harm have I caused?

I stopped smoking weed on May 4th. Usually used to smoke weed about 2-4x a week. & I quit occasional smoking of ciggaretres 8 wks ago. Now I'm worried because I only smoked a... READ MORE

My front teeth are off center due to a decision my parents made when I was a teen. Is it fixable? (Photo)

One of my teeth never grew in so I had a space. My orthodontist gave two options. 1) put a fake tooth or 2) pull my teeth together. My mother chose option 2 and I wore braces... READ MORE

6 days post op, I got a burn or bruising after Brazilian Butt Lift and Liposuction. Will this mark eventually go away? (photos)

I just got a BBL and lipo from my abdomen flanks and back. This is my sixth day post op and I'm worried that this mark on my side won't go away. My surgeon was beating around... READ MORE

Is this necrosis? And what do I do to get rid of it? Also will stomach lumps go away?

I had bBL/liposuction 2 weeks ago. I was told this is bruising and would go away. I'm not sure if this is true anymore and am now worried that it will be permanent . Also will... READ MORE

Could this lump on the back of my thigh be fluid build-up from a Brazilian Butt Lift I had 6 months ago?

I have a large lump on the back of my right thigh that i noticed a few weeks ago and i thought i was growing muscle from working out. However i couldn't picture muscle growing... READ MORE

Discussions started by Pinkandstarbucks

Trying to book BBL with Yily for months now and no response... Am i the only one?

I reached out to her in January and got an automated response asking for my stats and pictures etc... I sent my pictures over and I never heard back Now I tried again last... READ MORE

Recent comments from Pinkandstarbucks

Sorry I'm so late! But i guess I can say I'm healed now lol. I feel great . No pain or discomfort anymore. I jus want the lumps in my stomach to smooth out already but he said that takes 6mns-1yr READ COMMENT

They told me a bunch of different things in cipla to treat it with . Collajniase , (Idk how to spell it ) contratubex , biafine. I saw no difference in all of em But I've just been using cocoa butter lately and it's been looking a lot... READ COMMENT

No I was thinking about though. I was afraid my legs would look to skinny if I took fat out READ COMMENT

Thx babe ! :) READ COMMENT

Thanks hun, and no i didnt ask him for specific CC's, i just let him do his thing. and gurlll trust me i was just as scared as u probaly are right now but i considered the fact that it has to do with how you care for yourself. alot of... READ COMMENT