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Sculptra Butt Lift with Dr. Andre Berger... Detailed Experience Report

Hi realselfers! First a little background… I have had two rounds of Brazilian Butt Lifts with the amazing Dr. Hughes. I am about 1.5 years post op since the last one, and while the shape he gave me was amazing considering how little fat I had to work with, after I lost the weight I’d gained before the surgery I was left wanting more. I feel proportional now, but I've always wanted to be bot... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Hips Only with Dr. Hughes (round 2 bbl).. Beverly Hills, CA

Review for the first round (also with Dr. Hughes) can be found here: I was very happy with my results from round one, but wanted to have a little more hip width. The whole reason I took this BBL journey was to balance my lower body with my somewhat masculine upper body (wide shoulders)... READ MORE

A New Shot at Life, Results So Natural That Even I Forget I Had Surgery *transgender Patient* - Beverly Hills, CA

I had FFS with Toby Mayer about a year and a half ago. Stage 1, I did brow lift, lower eye blepharoplasty, and soft tissue graft into nasolabial folds. I opted to not do my nose at first because I wasn't sure I needed it, so about 3 months after the first operation I decided to go through with the nose job. The brow lift seemed to increase the projection of my nose, so I wanted everything to... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Hips and Buttocks for Thinner Trans Woman ~ in Love with New Hips and Curves! - Culver City, CA

I had been researching Dr. Hughes for over a year before finally settling with him in December of 2014. I knew of his great reputation from this website, which only seemed to maintain itself. I saw that as a really good sign, and knew that he was my doctor because of his reputation for being aggressive with lipo and delivering exactly what he said he can (especially as far as cc amounts). He... READ MORE

Questions from jennygirlinla

Preventing swelling after rhinoplasty cast removal?

I am a day away from having my cast removed, and I am reading a lot of things that say swelling can increase a day or two after.. Will laying icewater gauze over the nose help... READ MORE

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Only a few, and they were methodical about putting pressure on the area. Perhaps fat grafts with PRP or stem cell yadda yadda would survive better in the area. However I think it really just is a limitation of the amount of tissue you... READ COMMENT

Sorry this was a response to bhhjnn's comment... "also do you think your active lifestyle contributed to hip fat survival?". The mobile version of this site is confusing when it comes to commenting on the proper thread READ COMMENT

Thanks for the nice words and insights :) Stanton seems like one of the best for implants, he's been on my radar for quite some time. But I have avoided implants every step and I can't really see myself ever getting them unless they... READ COMMENT

Also just wanted to mention that BBL did a great job of correcting my "hip dents", and I think having that correction pre-sculptra will make the sculptra much more noticeable... at least I hope ;) I'd say if you already have a round... READ COMMENT

Thanks for letting me know about this procedure & paper! I had never seen it before and it's super interesting... and might totally work for some folks looking for hip aug. However it looks like the scar is pretty intense READ COMMENT