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Body Lift in Stages - Rochester, NY

I am currently 6 days out from having the first part of my body lift. In January, I had an arm lift, in April, I had a long Thigh Lift. The background: I'm in my mid 50's, currently weigh 138 pounds (5'6"). My high weight was about 325. I lost the weight thru diet and exercise and have maintained this weight for a while. About 8 years ago, I had a standard Tummy Tuck with muscle repair.... READ MORE

Thigh Lift Next - Rochester, NY

I'm currently recovering from an extended Arm Lift (1/17/14) and thought that I would plan a breast lift next. However, the skin tightening under the arms has pulled my chest up a little and I think I would prefer to wait on the lift until my upper body is fully healed. My PS will not combine procedures and I doubt that I can handle too much pain/risk of complications since I'm in my mid... READ MORE

Breast Lift in my Future - Rochester, NY

I am currently recovering from ann Arm Lift but will be scheduling a BL once I heal up a little. I'm posting my before photos so that I can compare them in the future with photos after the swelling in my arms goes down. My surgeon pulled the skin tight down thru my bra band and for the first few days, I thought my nipples were going to end up in my armpits. However, they have migrated back. I... READ MORE

Arms First, More Later -Rochester, NY

I have lost more than half of my body weight through diet and exercise and recently consulted with a surgeon for staged skin removal surgery. We decided that an arm lift should be the first procedure, followed by a breast lift in a few months. My surgeon will not combine these procedures due to the risks involved with healing long scars. I'm scheduled for 1/17/2014. Adding photos of my... READ MORE

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That's an Insorb staple - they slowly dissolve over time but parts of them will come out or in your case all of one. I've learned how to pick the ends of them out as they seem to work their way to the surface. READ COMMENT

I've just updated. My PS said that lipo would not help me at all since my problem was the pooling skin. It's hard to get thighs super tight and smooth, but I'm pleased with mine no longer flapping about. READ COMMENT

To remove photos, go to update your review, select the photo and there is an option to edit or remove it. READ COMMENT

Thank you, seeing your after photos helped me decide to go for the vertical incision. I'm took a photo earlier, even though I'm very swollen, I can see the future results and I'm thrilled with how smooth things look already. READ COMMENT

Yes I am wearing a marena garment with zippers during the day but at night I'm just wearing thigh length compression hose because the garment is too warm at night. I've gone without a few times and not had too much swelling as a result. READ COMMENT