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Should I Get a Tummy Tuck?

I have reflux in my greater saphenous vein (both legs) I had the vein ablation done to my left leg and not my right. My left caused me more pain and the ablation was an option... READ MORE

Had blood work done for tummy tuck I'm concerned but dr isn't. Should I postpone?

I had bcc and which ever blood testing is done for tummy tuck. My platelet count was 480000 should I postpone surgery ? The dr doesn't seem to be worried. My hemoglobin (iron)... READ MORE

Blood work and tummy tuck?

I had CBC and all looked well but dr said my iron was a little low 11.5 and my platelets were a bit high 480.000 should I postpone tummy tuck or am I overly worried ?  READ MORE

I had full tummy tuck 1/14/14. This morning when I woke up my ankle was swollen. Should I be concerned?

I slept in my recliner last night and woke up to my left ankle swollen. Should I be concerned ?? READ MORE

Bulge on right side of belly after tummy tuck? (Photo)

I'm 7 weeks post op on fully tummy tuck. I've always notice my right side bulges more than left and it's never been as flat as left side. It's an obvious bulge or I wouldnt be... READ MORE

Is this a dog ear or fat ? (photo)

My PS said to give this time. But I'm worried, is this a dog ear or just in need of liposuction ? There is also a bulge on right side while my left is flat. The right side... READ MORE

I'm 3 months post Tummy Tuck, is this a dog ear or something else? (photos)

It feels loose from lower right of belly button to outter love handle. Is this because of the dog ear ? Is this a dog ear ? I'm 3 months post op April 14th I really hate the... READ MORE

7 month post op, my belly button is ugly and have thick scar. How can this be fixed? I'm at the end of my rope in tears. (photo)

I saved up for almost 4 yrs to afford my tummy tuck (6500$). Current PS says to fix my right side I would need lipo on my whole lower back&dog ear removal (rght side) cost 2900... READ MORE

Uneven smile, And teeth, why? Just not lined up right, normal process? Will fixing open bite correct uneveness?

I have a small mouth so my ortho removed 4 premolars (I believe that's their name)I also hadover bite&my top front teeth pushed out so we closed spaces(pushed teeth back)now we... READ MORE

Is this an open bite on left side (higher side)? I will ask my orthodontist. I'm just curious as to what this could be (Photo)

My teeth were pushed back (overbite/overprojected) and I had 4 premolars removed to do so. I will enter phrase 3 in 5 weeks to "pull teeth forward" will that fix this or will I... READ MORE

What is going on with my teeth? Braces - does this happen with twerking teeth? What is going on ? (Photo)

I had 4 premolars pulled, teeth "pushed back", then pulled forward, gaps opened up so we put elinks, why is one side higher then other ? I've mentioned to my ortho, only for... READ MORE

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Awe I'm so sorry ! Keep us updated ! My consult is Monday and I'm super excited ! I'm afraid I won't be able to belly or side sleep (on one boob) I read that will create saggy I'm assuming ill never be able to side or... READ COMMENT

Hi there ! I have a consult with Dr Guerra set for monday, please update on you progress when you can, I know surgery was today and I would like to know how it goes ! Wishing you a fast recover ! READ COMMENT

Oh that's good news. I figured no tummy sleeping yet. I was worried about not being able to side sleesleep aka on one breast. My consult is in a month so I'm so thankful for this site and your reply :-) READ COMMENT

So it doesn't feel like you're laying on a waterballon ? You know the feeling of something in the way, I have to occasionally adjust my breast (no BA yet) to get comfy. I'm 36 deflated READ COMMENT

Your results look awesome. I'm looking into a BA and I'm concerned about laying on them, can u feel them ? Laying on tummy or sleeping on side,? I sleep with one arm up on side and I'm afraid I wont be able to sleep that way again,... READ COMMENT