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Does reductive rhinoplasty create or worsen breathing problems?

I need my bridge, tip and nostrils narrowed. Logically, it seems like narrowing these aspects would narrow the nasal airway and decrease airflow. I have no breathing issues but... READ MORE

Does a wide bridge limit the amount of tip narrowing that can be done?

I have a wide bridge but I actually like it because it's an ethnic feature and it makes my eyes look wide-set. I don't have a hump and the height is good. But, I have a large,... READ MORE

Do enlarged turbinates need to be reduced if they are asymptomatic?

My doctor tells me that I have enlarged turbinates on the left side of my nose. I can breathe perfectly and I don't feel congested during the day, night, exercise, etc. I don't... READ MORE

Can nasal bones be fractured if I don't have a dorsal hump? (photo)

I have a natural flat-top / open-roof deformity. I can feel the edges of bone on the sides of my nose, and the front of my nose is flat and about a finger-width wide. Although,... READ MORE

What causes triangular nostrils after rhinoplasty? (photo)

I have noticed that in some rhinoplasty patients, the nostril opening changes from round to triangular, making the nose look very unnatural and operated (please see pics). This... READ MORE

What needs to be done to achieve my ideal nose? (Photos)

I have a large 'sausage' nose. I have researched for over a year and I know that I want a smaller and more feminine nose, but I'm not sure if I want my nose to be more... READ MORE

Does harvesting cartilage from the septum weaken or destabilize the nose?

I have read that the septum provides support for the nose. Does this mean that taking cartilage out from the septum for the use of grafts in other parts of the nose (e.g. tip... READ MORE

Can suture modification techniques be used in closed rhinoplasty?

Can suture techniques such as the interdomal suture to reshape the tip cartilages be done using closed rhinoplasty? Are there any limitations to tip reshaping in closed... READ MORE

What are the risks of closed rhinoplasty using the "delivery" approach?

Does pulling out the alar cartilages through the nostrils permanently distort or destroy the cartilages or any other part of the nasal framework? READ MORE

Does making the nose bridge narrower also make it higher?

I have a wide bridge and while my bridge isn't too low, I'd like it to be slightly higher. My profile is straight and I don't have a hump. Can osteotomies accomplish both these... READ MORE

Can a plumping graft shorten a long upper lip?

I'm considering a rhinoplasty and I have read that a plumping graft can shorten a long upper lip (the white space between the bottom of the nose and the top of the lip). I have... READ MORE

How do doctors know if alarplasty will compromise breathing in a patient?

I have large nostrils and a slightly wide alar base but when I use my fingers to ever so slightly push in my alars to simulate the results of an alarplasty, both my nostrils... READ MORE

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I don't know why you had the rhinoplasty, you didn't need one. Anyway, you look great before and after. READ COMMENT

You look great but was the surgery really $26,000!? READ COMMENT

You are so pretty! Your nose looks very elegant now. I'm considering Dr G too. Did you have a tip graft? I love the tip of your nose from the side, it looks very refined. Also, wondering, how long does Dr G follow-up his patients? Do... READ COMMENT

That letter from you that she posted sounds like harassment and blackmail to me. READ COMMENT