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Chin Implant & Rhinoplasty - Mexico

After having done a buffalo fat removal and upper blepharoplasty with dr. Carmona in Cancun Mexico and being happy with the results I decided to get my last surgeries I had on my list done with him I have had a rhinoplasty before because I had an ENORMOUS hump on my nose. I was 16. There was only one other girl in school with a nose as big as mine and I was often asked if I was her sister.... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid and Buccal Fat Removal - Cancún, MX

About me: 20. Latina. Female. Why: my hooded eyelids made me look older though I'm so young and didn't make makeup look nice. My cheeks I felt had begun to sag due to their puffyness. The gravity made my face look weird when I laid down. I'm naturally a very skinny girl my puffy face just looked weird. I didn't like them. I couldn't contour my face properly. Cost: $2100. This included the... READ MORE

Questions from Ninalove1228

Restylane or juvaderm for under eye fat? (photo)

I've asked doctors and they say the bags under my eyes is not sagging skin, its fat pads protruding out. Would fillers smooth out that area? Which is better, restylane or... READ MORE

Noninvasive version of buccal/cheek fat removal?

I am 18 with very full cheeks. "baby/chipmunk face" I'd like buccal fat removal but I can't afford it yet. Since there are now lasers that claim they can melt fat I wonder.. Is... READ MORE

Recommendations for a doctor? (Under eye filler/miami/restylane/belotero) (Photo)

Recommend me some of the best doctors/specialist for under eye treatment particularly in fillers like restylane or Belotero Preferably with great reviews I'm not looking for... READ MORE

Can I use vitamin A and milk thistle at the same time to treat acne, and liver damage?

I am 19 and have acne due to my oily sensitive skin. (bad acne but not cystic) I have used tretinoin gel/cream .5%. They tretinoin didnt help nor do organic products. I no... READ MORE

What are my options for wider hips? (Very skinny girl)

I am currently 103 lbs & 5'6. I have been very thin I find gaining weight difficult and losing it easy. I have always been self conscious of my "hip dip" (photos added for... READ MORE

Recent comments from Ninalove1228

I think it came out phenomenal. The swelling at the tip made it look very ski slope like but now it is curvy and beautiful. It is beautiful but standard rules of beauty so yes your old nose was uniquely beautiful. But I don't think it... READ COMMENT

Hey! I had my surgery here in Mexico (cancun) for chin implant just yesterday (4/25/17). I'm pretty swollen. I'll be posting my review soon. I wish you luck and if you happen to be in Cancun feel free to message me to meet up to talk... READ COMMENT

My face looks totally normal now. That swollen ball is gone READ COMMENT

Good luck! He's part of ISAPS a very prestigious group of plastic surgeons from all over. You're in good hands :) READ COMMENT

I arrived Friday morning and left Friday morning. Make sure your incisions don't get any sun to prevent scarring. I had local but ask for some nausea meds they'll give it to you. Around the hotel I did look crazy one of the employees... READ COMMENT