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Questions from AgIrlWhoWantsToBeHappy123

My face is so asymmetrical look like i had an stroke, I'm 25. How can I fix it? (Photo)

Ok my eyes?? i have glaucome and lost an eye when i was a kid and have microphytalmia.. so thats why they are ugly if there is any way to fix it id appreacite to know but the... READ MORE

I want Breast implants and Liposculpture? Any suggestions? (photos)

Dou you think I'd be benefited by breast implants and liposcuture? I want a tiny waist and big ass READ MORE

1 week post breast implants and very desperate! My breast looks fake. (photos)

Will it ever look natural?? Its super high and youb almost can tell where the implants are its very defined not looking like a boob -"at all!! Will my breasts be fine? Is it... READ MORE