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Botox bruise, eye bag 3 days PO. Worried this is that bagginess that won't go away until the product does. Could it be swelling?

Had Botox 3 days ago in crows feet & a bit under my eyes for the 1st time. Not much. 200 dollars worth--14 a unit. I bruised on my left eye closer to my temple. Day three... READ MORE

Botox in crows feet, mid under eye. Right eye bruised at temple, eye baggy and swollen?

Had Botox 5 days ago at crows feet & under eyes. Bruised on the right eye near the temple, didn't notice swelling until day 3. Day 5 swollen & with a bag under my eye.... READ MORE

Is it weird that I have upper eyelid swelling 48 hours after Botox?

Got botox in my 11 region & a touch up above my brows. About 14 units at 200 dollars. This was 2 & half months after similar treatment where I even less. Doc thought I could go... READ MORE

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Slocket: My god! You are making me feel so much better. I'm starting the visine. I've been crying so much that I'm afraid it will dry my eyes but I don't care. I'll just drink lots and lots of water. The tip for rubbing it on the skin... READ COMMENT

Slocket: Oh, good. Thank goodness that went away for you. I don't have a droopy eye, I have droopy lids. I just saw my doctor yesterday and he admitted he made the mistake. Too much botox in my frontalis. He said it should be back to... READ COMMENT

Oh, and the above was a reply to Slocket. Sorry for not notating that. READ COMMENT

I agree. I started out with 14 and I was fine. I got a touch up too soon, however (I believe) two months post, and I think that's what caused my problem similar to yours. I'm on day ten. Ugh. I'm going to my doctor today for follow up... READ COMMENT

Stylistindistress: Thanks for your nice comment. That would be TOUGH working as a stylist, looking in the mirror every day. You are brave and your ideas probably worked a lot better than you thought. Bangs are a good idea. Long bangs. I... READ COMMENT