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BBL didn't even last 1yr

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Brazilian Butt Lift

10 Dec 2016, Created 7 months ago

Jose Perez-Gurri, MD, FACS

3 out of 5 stars

I wanted to wait awhile to write this. So that I could honestly give results based on a good amount of time. Its been been 10 months, a year February. Initially, I chose Dr. Gurri-Perez because I Ioved the way he could snatch up a girls waist from the back and really give them that hour-glass shape. I was so happy afterwards with me results that I think I jinxed my self when I told my friends,... READ MORE

It is finished.......

I am. 34yr old, 6'3 female. I have never had any children and yes, I have considered this with making my decision. I've been reading allot of reviews and looking at photos but I haven't seen anyone even close to my height? I know every body is diff. but it would be cool to see. My main concern is probably just the size of the scar. I had my 2nd consult. This one was with Dr. Dadvand. He... READ MORE

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I had a BBL 2/2016. It is almost completely gone. What can I do on a second round to get better results? (photos)

I did everything I was supposed to and at 6 months I still looked Great. 9 months is when I started to see a reduction. Now, I feel like its almost gone. I've spoken to the... READ MORE

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Hello. I was wondering how your BBL is looking now? We used the same Dr. so I'm interested in other peoples results. READ COMMENT

Hi sweetie. Im sorry about you experience and the repercussions of something that was supposed to be an awesome experience. My review w/Dr Gurri wasn't a very good one either. But my healing process and everything besides my current... READ COMMENT

Hi. Have u by any chance weighed yourself? I know they dsnt recommend it but I'm trying to see if anyone else has gained a lot of swelling weight. READ COMMENT

Hi. Did u gain any weight after your Sx. ? I weigh 14lbs more than just did b4 READ COMMENT

I get it all from my scale. The brand is a Produex. There are plenty similar scales though. Try Walmart or Bed Bath & Beyond READ COMMENT