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Round 2 BBl and Rhinoplasty - Dr Contreras (Dominican Republic)

Hi ladies, Ive been stalking this website since September 2013 and thought, hey why dont I jumps on the bandwagon lol. Starting from the beginning, I wanted to get my boobs done. I had something called Tuberous breasts, and they really depressed me. At first I thought, I'm young, they're just developing weirdly, but after 6 years, of them staying the same, I realised they were never gonna... READ MORE

worth the trials and tribulations The Hospital Group - Birmingham, GB

Hi there ladies, for months I have been counting down the days to my BA. Coming on this website has helped a lot; you ladies are absolute stars for sharing your experiences. I booked with the hospital group in London back in September originally for 15.10.13 but they cancelled it. Then I was rebooked for 15.12.13, and again was cancelled due to the pre-op nurse being sick. I WAS THEN REBOOKED... READ MORE

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Nope he's crap to be honest lol what you see now is more or less what you'll end up with. DR is the best when sculpting and grafting. Loving my new results, I've had to buy new clothes because I've got a huge booty now lol. READ COMMENT

I've just come back from DR...contreras sculpts you like a vixen! Lol...but a few of his nurses are incompetent, they didn't insert my IV properly so all the fluid they were supposed to be pumping into my veins just went into my... READ COMMENT

Wow that food looks awesome! I'm goin there next month and am very inquisitive about the cuisine in that the Friday your recovery house or is a restaurant? You look fab brw doll xx READ COMMENT

Hey hun I'm goin around the same time and am interested in this, I'm going to be a contreras doll tho. I'll email you now! :) READ COMMENT

You look awesome girlie! I'm struggling to put on weight for my op, I've had to push it back because of it :( did you do it??? Lol Xx READ COMMENT