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41 Year Young with Dark Circles & Fine Lines. Fort Lauderdale, FL

Have another account on real self under Azteca305. As soon as I hit the BIG 40, it was time to stop wishing & start working on that body & appearance I always wished for. I'm about 4 months post-op (5 procedures). Now, I'm concerned with the fine lines under my eyes that are starting to become visible & when I use concealer for my dark circles, those pesky lines are screaming for attention. ... READ MORE

Dr. Salzhauer is my modern day Leonardo da Vinci!!!

Will be undergoing several procedures (arm lift, Rhino, bra line back lift & full lipo of the back). Extremely nervous, since I live almost 2 hours away (due to heavy traffic) sitting in a car after undergoing such long surgery. Also, afraid of the pain & not achieving sought after results. Took a long time to save up the money & have waited since I was 8 years old to have an arm lift. ... READ MORE

Questions from Azteca305

Rhino, bra line back lift, T-scar brachioplasty & full lipo to back questions. Are these too many major procedures?

Having Rhino, bra line back lift, T-scar brachioplasty & lipo to full back done in less then 3 weeks. Are these too many major procedures? How can I lessen risks of... READ MORE

How can I lesson anxiety over not being able to breathe through nose after rhinoplasty?

Will be undergoing several procedures but the Rhinoplasty has me scared out of my wits! Just the thought not being able to breath out of my nose after procedure makes me cringe... READ MORE

Why Are Some Incisions in Neat Line and Some Zig-Zag?

Why are certain surgical incisions a neat straight line and some appear to look like a 2 year old drawing (zig zag)? Especially seen in brachioplasties and tummy tucks. Does... READ MORE

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Do you mind sharing a picture? Going in for the same procedure with Dr. Salz. Thanks & happy healing. READ COMMENT

Wow! You look amazing. I'm having my procedures in September. If you don't mind sharing the cost of the recovery area you used and maybe a contact number. Best of luck on your recovery :) READ COMMENT

I am also wondering if he does corner/grin lifts. READ COMMENT

You like look amazing! Dr. Salzhauer did an incredible job on you, congrats!!! I'm scheduled for BA, BBL & revisions on previous surgeries. READ COMMENT