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750cc's High Profile Silicone PICS!!!- Reno, NV

Hi ladies, I'll be getting my breast augmentation on March 22nd 2016 with Dr. Murphy in Reno, NV. I had my 1st consultation Jan 18th. I discussed with Dr. Murphy what I wanted. I told him i want large, full natural looking breast. The reason I chose Dr. Murphy is because his work is very... READ MORE

Dr. Fisher Vet - Round 2 In Need of Travel Buddy! March 2016

Hello ladies, I've been on this site for about 8 months now I've been looking and looking to see if this procedure will be worth it and what I should expect. I've made up my mind and I want to move forward with this. I'm from Reno NV, we have a few doctors here that do the bbl but charge an arm... READ MORE

Questions from NewMeSince2014

Are drains necessary after a BBL? How many days do drains need to be in for after BBL?

I am thinking of traveling for my BBL but I do not what to stay too long wherever I am traveling to. The doctor I am looking at uses drains. Ive seen doctors that don't use drains. READ MORE

Is there something I can do to prevent fluid build up after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hello, i will be getting my BBL in August and i am wondering if there is anything i can do or take before my surgery so that i wont have any or very little fluid build up? I... READ MORE

Is getting a fever normal after BBL? I'm 4 days post-op. My temperature has been as high as 101.8.

I had my BBL on 8/4/14 it is now 8/8/14 I got a fever I've been taking my temperature ever hour the highest it's been is 101.8 Now, my surgeon in a busy surgeon which that... READ MORE

Is 50ccs a big difference? (Photo)

I am 1 day post op from my breast augmentation. I got 750cc on both breast. Is the extra 50cc's really a big difference? I am 140lbs and I am 5'3 with a big butt (got a BBL in... READ MORE

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The healing was good. It was what I was expecting it to be. I had a mild fever but it was normal I did let fisher know and he proscribed me stronger antibiotics. When are you going? READ COMMENT

No I haven't gone. I'm just waiting to see if I have more kid(s) if I do then I'll go after that and get a TT and 2nd BBL READ COMMENT

Yes they do look pretty big in me I love it tho. It balances my body. Thank you congratulations on yours too! READ COMMENT

Thank you. I'm 5'2 READ COMMENT