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What's the best treatment for slight jowls and slightly receding chin? Could a very mild chin augmentation take care of both?

I'm a 56 year old woman with good skin tone and don't want to do anything very dramatic: just want to look a bit younger and fresher-nothing new there. I've been looking into... READ MORE

Seriously considering Chin Implant: how do I find the right Doctor? (photo)

I live in NYC--tons of doctors, but how to find the right one? I believe I only need a small implant and don't plan to add other work except possibly some filler for slight... READ MORE

Wondering if a Chin Implant is the way to go? (photo)

I'm 56 with good skin tone, but a full face and the beginnings of jowls. I have a slightly weak chin and wonder if some augmentation would improve my looks and maybe even make... READ MORE

Chin Augmentation-Which method is best? (photo)

I am planning to get a (conservative) chin augmentation and know that it is sometimes done from the outside of the chin and other times done from inside the mouth. What are the... READ MORE

Submental Chin Augmentation-Should the implant be screwed in?

I am concerned about the implant migrating (which based on my research here, can happen) and am wondering if I should ask prospective doctors if they do this. Is it best if... READ MORE

Chin Augmentation-Better to Start with Fillers?

I have a mildly receding chin (some jowling too) and am considering a chin implant. Now I'm wondering if I should take it slower and try a filler first. I've read of some bad... READ MORE

Chin Implant or Something Else? (photos)

I want to do something to look a bit younger and more attractive but want to avoid big procedures, changes and price tags. I was thinking a chin implant might be just the thing... READ MORE

How will a chin implant affect my jowls? (photo)

One doctor said an implant with some neck suctioning would be just the thing and that the jowls would be improved by the implant. The second said that an implant would... READ MORE

What are the different types of less invasive facelifts? (photo)

I am meeting with a few doctors to discuss a facelift and want to be able to know what to look for in the procedure when I speak with them. I know some docs primarily tighten... READ MORE

What are the different methods of surgical Mid and Lower Facelifts performed today? (photos)

I primarily want to deal with my jowls and neck. I want to understand what type of lift might be best for me so that I have some way of determining which doctor I should choose... READ MORE