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I got them! 350ccs under muscle, 28, no kids, Sacramento CA

Right now I'm searching for the right surgeon. 3 consults scheduled within the next month and another in February. I have been lurking on here, researching in most of my free time and looking at so many before and afters. What did we do pre- internet? I also made a list of questions to ask the PS and played with the rice sizer boobies. I have been thinking about a BA for 8+ years, but these... READ MORE

Questions from JJNewBoobs

Breast augmentation with scoliosis?

When I stand straight front on it appears I have slight scoliosis, but it's actually an uneven rib cage (my spine is completely straight). What are potential issues of having a... READ MORE

How will bust size change over first 4 months?

I'm planning on scheduling my BA about 3.5 months before I'm in a wedding, but need to be measured for my Bridesmaid dress pre-op. I think I've determined my new bust size (or... READ MORE

Stool softeners after surgery?

After reading through many breast augmentation stories I read that people need stool softeners post op. Is this due to certain pain medications, or something else? READ MORE

What is an average recommend cc for sub pectoral silicone implants for someone of my stats? (photo)

I realize without a physical exam this question is hard to answer, but I'm asking anyway. What is an average recommend cc for sub pectoral silicone implants for someone of my... READ MORE

Decreasing severity of Animation deformity, wondering if there are surgical ways to decrease the severity?

Will different incision points for sub pectoral breast implants change the likelihood or severity of animation deformity? I know it can be expected to some degree, but... READ MORE

Only 5 days BA post op, but right breast hurts without support. Why?

I know it's early, and each breast will heal at a different rate, but every time I take off my bra to shower my right breast hurts. Left one is uncomfortable without support,... READ MORE

Breast appear to be getting closer together. What is causing this? (Photo)

I'm 3 weeks postop from my under muscle BA and have been instructed to wear any non underwire bra 24/7. My PS says my cleavage looks good, but IMO it is closer than it was 1... READ MORE

5 weeks post Breast Augmentation, Subpec, Peri Areola, 350cc silicone. Throbbing pains on outer edge of breast, is this normal?

5weeks post BA, subpec, peri areola, 350cc silicone. I started getting throbbing pains on outer edge of breast and in armpit of my dominate side. Pain comes and goes, but... READ MORE

Breast pain symptoms: CC, or do I just need more time to heal? When I move, it feels like there's a rock bouncing around inside.

350 cohesive silicone dual plane put in 5months ago. From the get go I felt something was wrong with my right breast (dominate side, also less tissue), but dr. always said I'm... READ MORE

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We have the same boobiversary! Yours are looking great, mine still riding high, but hope to get them looking like yours. Beautiful! READ COMMENT

Thanks! I'm hoping to post some pics soon. My husband is a little nervous about my boobs being on here, but I think he's coming around after seeing how much help and support this site has provided us. READ COMMENT

These are great tips! I added some in my review too, but additional ones that helped me a lot were to pre op strengthen lower abs to help sit up, wash your hands with bars soap or liquid soap in a dish (it's harder than you realize to... READ COMMENT

You are so welcome! Anything to help my fellow new boob girls. Two more things to add to that list- I'll post it on my page later too. 1. Prepare your daughter to see you at your worst (crying/in pain/depressed), but hopefully you... READ COMMENT

I have/had 1 inverted nipple and my gyno said they make devices to help with breast feeding so flat/inverted nipples should not be a problem. And it's true- I think my inverted one is more flat now after my BA (still tapped up and numb... READ COMMENT