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450 Cc Saline Mentor High Profile - Palm Harbor, FL

Been wanting a breast aug since I lost my baby weight after my son I was 215 and lost down to 139. Ill post before pictures.. So far I am very paranoid that something will go wrong I'm 7 days post op still in pain breast are extremely tight and sore. I was a very athletic person with lifting weights before the procedure so I'm wondering if that's why my chest muscles don't want to relax at... READ MORE

Questions from Daiquirin

Do my breasts look normal for one week post op and will the drop? (photo)

7 days post op-mentor smooth round high profile saline 380cc filled to 450 cc. I have had more pain/slight swelling in the L breast & less range of motion in the L arm my... READ MORE

Mentor high profile 380cc filled 450cc. Normal? (photo)

Is it normal for them to sit so high 7 days post op? In your opinion did my surgeon do a good job for one week? READ MORE

380cc saline implant filled to 450cc, mentor high profile. Nervous they won't drop properly? (photo)

I'm now 10 days post op and nervous my breast won't drop or still sit to high? My pain level is just now starting to improve but armpits still hurt from incisions and range of... READ MORE

Concerned about my pockets and dropping almost four weeks post op? (photo)

I'm concerned they still look like boxes and high.. Also the left is dropping while the right is not.. I see my doc the 8th but would like to know if I'm over reacting.. I see... READ MORE

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Feeling like they will never look normal

One week post op. mentor 380cc filled to 450cc thru arm pit. feels like they are so high they will never come down! I have to wear a band throughout the night is it supposed to... READ MORE

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I'm 5'4 and 140 lbs I LOVE the size it gave me my hips measure 41" and my busy is now 38" so much more proportion!!! READ COMMENT

Awe happy New Years to you too and ya I know the average wait time I'm just hoping my pockets were put in low enough but I guess time will tell all! READ COMMENT

Thanks so much for the in put my fiancé thinks in time they will look great too I just get worried cause they are still so high... Ugh! We will be waiting together at least! READ COMMENT

I have a little mondor cord in my left arm it's only one strand from my armpit to elbow and it is sore but doesn't cause too much pain I keep it stretched and should resolve on its own in a few weeks READ COMMENT

Awe really thanks I'm still nervous they won't turn out right! Lol still dropping and fluffing :/ READ COMMENT