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Been wearing jeans for 3-4 weeks now. I'm 7 wks po. READ COMMENT

I'm almost 7 Weeks out. Still have swelling which can last months. WhenI overdo I notice much more swelling. I am feeling more and moreenergy every week though. READ COMMENT

Had my 6 week appt Tuesday. Went great. My PS is pleased with how things are looking. Still having some trouble with bb so she took a look and opened up my right side a bit to check for stitches. Found none so just waiting for thatto... READ COMMENT

A good day today. 5 wks po tomorrow. i decided to try a black lacy thong on. OMG!! it looked awesome. no skin hanging outside the front panel. Felt wonderful. For all the pain and such....that today made everything so much more worth... READ COMMENT

Thanks LeePoh. and it helps with swelling too? I still have bruising on my hips almost 5 weeks po. READ COMMENT