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I had a tummy tyck a year ago Nov 19th. My surgeon never mention wearing a binder of any kind. That's all anyone seems to talk about here, but I never had one. But I did not have muscle repair or lipo, so that may be the difference. READ COMMENT

That's what I had done. I have an incision all the way around. That got me a butt and thigh lift at the same time as the tummy tuck. Got a reduced fee when I did them together which saved about $3000. The butt lift part actually cost... READ COMMENT

Hello, I am also just 8 weeks post op from my tt. I didn't have to have any muscle repair so in that sense got off easier than others on here. But I have an incision all the way around as I also got sort of a butt/thigh lift at the same... READ COMMENT

Hi, I'm in Fremantle visiting my sister. I had a tt on Nov 18th and then got on a plane a month later to come to Australia. Playing tennis again for the first time since my surgery. I still don't run for the balls that I think are too... READ COMMENT

Yes it felt really tight from the swelling, It still feels that way on and off, but not as full. I only took pain pills for 3 days even though they gave me a weeks supply. Didn't need them anymore and if I was uncomfortable, I just... READ COMMENT