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I had surgery with dr pontell in january and i am very happy. it will look great. good luck! READ COMMENT

And nostril asymmetry is completely normal. the one side of my nose is much higher still due to swelling.. but it gets better everyday READ COMMENT

I am 6 weeks post op and researched so much i thought i was prepared to feel 'ugly' after surgery. however, i was very wrong! not comparing your progress to others is hard, but it really does help. my lip wasn't moving... READ COMMENT

I am almost 3 weeks post-op and i too loved my nose when the cast came off! however, the next day/ since then it hasn't looked good at all and i'll admit i was extremely regretful and depressed! we read all about this stuff and research... READ COMMENT

Thanks ladies i appreciate the responses! it has been hard to not obsess over it but i'm either starting to get used to it or it's gone down :) it's so hard to be patient! READ COMMENT